Time to Boogie, like it’s 1979!

You’ve been invited to a 70s Party and can’t decide what to wear? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! 70s costumes are very easy to reproduce and they don’t cost a fortune. Even more, you can simply use some accessories, not a full costume. But first, let’s see what you’re up against.

What was trendy in the 70s?

The symbols of the flamboyance era are Afro wigs and Polyester. In fact, the style was very similar to that of the 60s, so the hippie style was still king, especially in the early 70s. After 1974, disco became a major hit that changed the rules of the game a bit: the typical psychedelic or geometric hippie prints were replaced by maxi dresses, ties and leisure suits and, of course, the unforgettable bell-bottom pants.

Adult Afro Wig for Costume – Color Black


70s Swag

If you want your 70s costume to rock, you must keep in mind a few simple aspects about the digs. Here are some simple options for your upcoming 70s party:

-        Polyester Suit

-        White Men’s Suits 

-        Tight Mini Skirt/Dress 

-        Ponchos

-        Army Jacket

-        Halter-Tops

-        Jumpsuits


70s accessories

Accessories are fundamental for your 70s costume. First off: THE HAIR. If your hair can be styled into a mullet or an Afro, go for it! If not, you can purchase a wig. Your guidelines are Farrah Fawcett or Marcia Brady for women and David Cassidy for men.

70′s Guy Costume Wig – Brown

Brown Wig – Deja vu













As far as the shoes go, your 70s costume will need Knee-High Boots or Platforms (yes, even for men). Add some massive jewelry to your 70s costume or some hippie symbols, like Peace & Love if you’re aiming for the first half of the decade.

Disco 70′s Necklace Gold Medallion Costume Accessory


Last, but not least: BE CREATIVE. The 70s were a decade when inhibitions made room for creativity and this is exactly what you need to do if you want your Disco Costumes to be a hit!

Why Dress-up is Important for a Child’s Development

Ever thought what it would be like if you could be someone else, even for just a little while? When kids put on costumes, they get to be whoever they want, from superheroes to princesses and even monsters. And, even though it may seem like a simple child’s game to you, it’s actually a valuable learning experience.

Why Playing Dress-up is Smart

When your child puts on doctors scrubs, he’s actually imagining what it would be like for him to be a doctor and heal people (even if, for now, said people are his plush animals). Similarly, putting on a tool belt is your child mimicking you going to work. This is how children show you what they have learned about the outside world and how they expand their horizons.

Boys Deluxe Doctor Halloween Costume


Even more, dressing up in children’s costumes expands your kiddo’s imagination. When they are a superhero, they need to create a “supporting” story to go along with that superhero costume. They will reenact things seen on TV or read in books, but add their own spin to them and expand the story. If playing with friends, this will also boost their social skills.

As the kids’ costume goes on, your child’s mind begins to race. This is an essential milestone in the development of their cognitive functions. When your kiddo pushes the Batmobile in your driveway or tries to climb the stairs Spiderman-style, he also develops certain motor skills. He begins using muscle groups that otherwise would not develop and he may even discover his passion or ability for a certain sport — all thanks to a kids’ costume.

Spider-Man Child Halloween Costume


How to Encourage your Kids’ Dress-up Games

First off, play along. You may not have a princess costume or a superhero costume at hand, but you can still be part of their story, helping reach their full potential. Don’t try to come up with a plot or story line of your own, just contribute to his – the goal is not for you to take over, although  we totally understand how tempting it may be.

Secondly, make sure you get all the children’s costumes your kiddo loves! Don’t just limit yourself to the classical doctors, firemen, princesses and superheroes costumes; try to think outside the box and get some less known characters to see how your child can integrate them into his own stories. A great idea would be to buy some accessories: a magician’s wand, a policeman hat or some princess shoes – just small bits that can sparkle your kid’s imagination.

Disneys Cinderella Magical Wand Halloween Costume

The Cutest Father-Daughter Themed Photo Shoot

I’m sure you already have tons of pictures of your little girl that you’ll cherish forever. Thanks to today’s technology, we can easily snap a photo anytime we feel like it and capture every moment of a child’s development. And, yes, instant photos are a lot of fun, but they are no match to a professional photo shoot! One unique idea to try this year is father-daughter shoot!

If you don’t know where to start, let us help you get your creative juices flowing.


Step 1: Start with the Theme

For most little girls, their fathers are their heroes and they will stay that way for the rest of their lives. If you want to use this angle, the possibilities are endless. With the right Men’s Costume and Girls’ Costume, your photo shoot will become an unforgettable experience. Some of our favorites are:

-        A Fireman & Policewoman Theme – you just need a Mens Firefighter Costume & a Girls Cop Costume and you’re good to go. The father can carry the little girl on his shoulders, in his arms, pretend to escape from a fire with her or chase a mugger. Just imagine how much fun they’ll have!

Girls Tough Cop Costume


-        The Alice in Wonderland Theme – Grab some matching costumes and head off to a fantasy location. An Alice in Wonderland Theme is one of the easiest ways to get artistic photos with very little effort. Throw a tea party, as well, and you’ll have an entire Fairy Tale to shoot.

Toddler Girls Alice in Wonderland Costume – Lil Alice

Gothic Mad Hatter Costume – Mens


-        A Royal Family Theme – in this case, the possibilities are really endless. Dad needs nothing more than a tuxedo and his little girl can choose any princess, from Anastasia or Thumbelina to Cinderella or Elsa. You just need the right Princess Costume and you’ll be good to go.


Step 2: The Photographer

If you decided on the princess costume your little girl will wear or on the matching costumes for both father and daughter, the right photographer is your next step. Make sure you choose one that has experience working with children. Your daughter, especially as a little princess, may be quite fussy and you’ll need someone who knows how to convince her to strike the right pose.

Ask for referral from friends – this is the best way to ensure that you’ll get a photographer that matches your family’s style. If that’s not possible, make sure you check his reviews online – you don’t want to end up with someone who has a short temper!


Step 3: The Location

This is something that the photographer can help you with. If they have experience in working on such photo shoots, they’ll surely know all the good places in town. Something that resembles a castle is great if you chose the royal costumes. An “enchanted” forest is ideal for the Alice in Wonderland theme, while the city can be your scene if you went for the Cop Costume or Fireman Costume.

Whatever your choice, I’m sure the photo shoot will turn out excellent if you follow these tips!

The Best Superheroes Kid’s Party to the Rescue!

Is it Superman? Or maybe it’s Aquaman, Batman or Spiderman that your little boy or girl loves and wants to be like? Whatever superhero your kiddo fancies, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a super-sized costume party, the one that they’ll remember forever. We’re here to enhance your superpowers and help give your child what they always wanted: a party worth of a superhero! So put on the cape and let’s check everything off the to-do list, from superheroes costumes to yummy treats:

Start with the Basics

We get it: it’s your kid that loves superheroes, not you. So you may not know where to begin. If that’s the case, why not go to the expert of the house: ask your kid about their favorite superhero and listen carefully to all the details. They’ll definitely let you know what they love and whether their favorite superhero has a sidekick that you could “invite” to the party as well. Remember: information is power, so make sure you get as much of it as possible from the birthday girl or boy. After that, your to-do list and even Kids Superhero Costume shopping will be a breeze!

Get the Right Superhero Costumes

Start with the superhero costume for your kiddo – this is the most important, after all. Make sure you get a costume that has all the accessories. For instance, if Batman is the choice of your little man, then a costume that also has the Batmobile is ideal.

Boys Batman Ride-In Batmobile Costume


Of course, this only works for smaller kids. If yours is a bit older, a more serious Batman costume is in order.

Child Muscle Batman Costume


Oh, and don’t forget about Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Maybe you could ask your child’s best friend to put on this Kids Robin Costume:

Kids Young Justice Robin Costume


Just think of all the photos they will do together – they’ll surely cherish them forever.

When choosing the superheroes costumes for the other guests, make sure you don’t get any that your kiddo doesn’t like – yes, even superheroes have quarrels among each other, too, OK? Captain America, Iron Man, The Flash – all these are excellent choices.

Party Accessories

Yes, the costumes are the most important part of a superheroes party, but the details also matter. Here are some creative ideas for you to incorporate in your kiddo’s party:

-        Does your superhero have a home town? If so, hang a sign that says “Welcome to…” on top of your door.

-        Make the invitation bright and colorful to make sure you tell everyone what the theme of the party is.

-        Your treats (cookies) could be shaped like little spiders, bats or thunderbolts – according to the costume party theme.

-        The cake should also reflect the theme of the party. The Bat Signal perhaps?

-        Hang superhero logos everywhere; you can also hang “Boom” or “Thwack!” signs.

-        Get cups and plates that have the logo or the image of the superhero.

Ready to throw the best superheroes party? The Perfect Superhero Costume is just a click away. The rest is up to you and your super-imagination!

2016 Costume Trend Alert: Inflatable Costumes

If you’re a fan of costume parties (and who isn’t, right?), then you must already know that every year brings about a new costume trend. Of course, costume trends are strongly influenced by blockbusters and cartoons released that year, but they also have a life of their own. In other words, every year brings about some new hot costume trend that is entirely based on public preferences and independent from what Comic-Con or Hollywood deem as popular.

This month, we’re highlighting one of the most “explosive” trends: Inflatable Costumes! If you haven’t been personally acquainted yet, let me show you what you’re missing.

Adult Inflatable Banana Costume


Why are Inflatable Costumes so popular?

First of all, with inflatable costumes, you no longer have to worry about size. Whether we are talking about kids’ or adult costumes, one size fits almost everyone. This means that your child will not outgrow it in a couple of months and you can always lend yours to a friend anytime (if you can bear parting away from it, of course). Take this Kids T-Rex Costume, for instance; from 5 to 15 years old, everyone can rock it!

Kids Jurassic World Inflatable T.Rex Costume


Even more, quality inflatable costumes are made from light-weight polyester and powered by a small fan. In other words, they are extremely comfortable and easy to carry: once the party is over, you can just fold your inflatable costume and be on your way. Don’t even bother to be gentle: it’s inflatable, so the wrinkles it makes during the storage period fade right away!

Child Patrick Star Inflatable Mr. Awesomeness Costume


Be the life of the party!

There is a very good reason why inflatable costumes are a 2016 costume trend on the rise: you can literally never go wrong with them. Whatever character you choose, you will look so fun and jolly that you will become the star of any celebration. Just think about dancing and goofing around in one of these:

Inflatable Suit Costume – Green


They come in numerous colors, so you are bound to find your favorite flavor. If you want to follow this year’s trend and are searching for the ideal inflatable costume, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our amazing selection of inflatable costumes for adults and children and remember that you can order them from anywhere. Time to pump-up the jams!




The Perfect Costumes for a Girls’ Disney Party

If your little princess loves to ballroom dance around the house like Cinderella, sing along with Ariel or is adventurous like Jasmine, then she will surely love a Disney birthday party! And, since the Disney World is so vast, you will surely find a theme that she and her friends will absolutely love. For a successful Disney party, you simply need to follow a few steps:

1.   Pick a Theme

Would you like to have a general Disney theme party or something more specific? If you choose the first one, then every girl can wear a different Disney costume and be a princess. If you choose the latter, your little girl should be the only one in a full Disney costume, while the others only have Disney accessories. Discuss this with the birthday girl; lay down the options and have her choose what she prefers. After all, it’s her Disney birthday party, right?

2.   Choose the perfect girls’ Disney costume(s)

After you have made the choice, it’s time to shop for Disney costumes. Who does your little girl want to be? You can choose from a Cinderella costume, a Frozen Princess Anna Costume for girls, an Ariel costume and many others.

Want to have the whole place look like your little Disney World? Then try dressing the adults as Disney characters, as well. This lovely Jasmine costume would fit you just right, don’t you think?

Womens Disney Princess Jasmine Costume

3.   Pick the Disney Accessories

If it’s just your little girl who will be wearing a Disney costume, the other guests should have some Disney accessories of their own. Snow White Shoes are very popular with little girls and so are Pink Disney Shoes. Alternatively, you can choose some Disney accessories that the guests can exchange amongst each other; an Aurora Wig or a Frozen Wand  are ideal choices. Plus, you can reuse them in the following years.

4.   Enjoy!

No Disney birthday party for girls is complete without a cheery atmosphere. If you add a few Disney-themed decorations and a cake, your guests will feel as if they have stepped into the fairytale of their dreams. The only problem for you will be convincing your little princess to step out of her gorgeous Disney costume when the party is over.

Want more Disney costumes and Disney accessories? You will find everything you need for the perfect Disney birthday party here.

The Right Easter Costumes for the Entire Family

Easter Sunday is a time when families are reunited and get to spend quality time together. What did you plan for this Easter, aside from having great food and great company? If you didn’t think about anything yet, we can help you with a few ideas to make this holiday a memorable one.

First, let’s think outside the box: what if you made this whole holiday about family fun with some Easter Activities? Put on some great Mascot Costumes and start hunting eggs together – it doesn’t have to be just the kids who turn the house and the garden upside down! The whole family could participate and you can even divide into teams. To make things even more special, you could choose some awesome Easter costumes for everyone. For instance, just think about how cute the kids would look hopping in the garden searching for eggs dressed in fluffy bunny costumes.

Toddler Baby Bunny Easter Costume

You may even think about putting on an Easter Bunny Costume and start hiding the eggs yourself or cheer for the other family member when they start the hunt. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is sure: the kids will absolutely love you in this Easter costume, so be prepared to hop around and entertain them.

Complete Plush Easter Bunny Costume

If the weather is already too hot for a full plush bunny costume this Easter Weekend, try a rabbit mask. You won’t have to suffer through the heat and you can still be the cute character everyone loves! You’ll have a blast handing out chocolate in this.

Easter Bunny Mask Adult Halloween Costumes

If you liked the idea of having the entire family search for eggs, then you definitely need more Easter costumes. What if the traditional Easter bunnies were to face fierce lions? Who do you think would win? Just let your imagination fly! You can have as many teams as you want, dressed in as many different animal costumes as you want.

Check out some of our Animal Costumes, you will surely find something for each family member.


Costume Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Like Costumes

Kids everywhere love to dress up as their favorite character and have fun, right? Wrong! Some kids have sensitive skin or get easily spooked by costumes. Plus, they love wearing their own comfy clothes. Why? Safety and comfort, as well as routine are important for everyone, but especially for children. So what is there to be done? Have your kiddo be the only one without a Halloween costume? Hard pass! There are things that you can do to ease them into costume outfits without being spooked or leaving their comfort zone.

Yes, these kids’ costumes do exist. You just need a bit of inspiration and to think outside the box. Don’t worry; we’re here to help with that.

1.   Just Add Wings

Your child can have a very simple costume for any occasion and still enjoy the comfort of their own clothes. Simply add a set of Costume Wings to any of your kid’s outfit and you’ll have an excellent costume for any child.


Butterfly Plush Wing Set

Butterfly Plush Wing Set


2.   Game-Changing Hats

With the right hat, your child doesn’t even need a complete children’s costume. A Witch Hat, Policeman Cap or Aviators – anything is possible! No stiff, binding clothes needed when you have an easy to put on-and-off Costume Hat.


Mini Green Witch Hat with Spider Veil Halloween Costume


3.   Stunner Shades

We all love Children’s Costume Accessories that are re-usable and don’t require much caring for, don’t we? In that case, there is nothing simpler than a pair of Costume Glasses. With these on, your kid can turn into a cop, movie star or even an alien! Nothing scary, nothing itchy – just as it should be for a fussy kiddo.


Close Encounter Halloween Alien Glasses

Close Encounter Halloween Alien Glasses


4.   Ready-2-Go Costume Kits

When purchasing a costume for children, we struggle to find the right size, durability and theme that perfectly fit our munchkins. Of course, this is NEVER as easy as it seems. One great way to avoid the hassle is try a convenient Halloween Costume Kit instead! One of our best-selling Costume Kits, the Child Super Mario Yoshi Halloween Kit, simply comes with an inflatable Shell and headpiece. Just throw on top of your kids green shirt and voilà, costume parade ready!


Child Super Mario Yoshi Halloween Kit

Child Super Mario Yoshi Halloween Kit


Need some more ideas? Check out our huge selections of Kids’ Costumes in all sizes and made of comfy fabrics.

St. Patrick’s Day: What to Do & Wear

Whether you are Irish or not, March 17th is an excellent occasion to put on a funky St. Patrick’s Costume and celebrate national “Green” Day. St. Patrick’s is the day when we all feel at least a bit Irish; after all, it’s so rare that we get to sip a pint of Guinness pint guilt free! Right, mate? Since the fifth century, St. Patrick’s Day has held its pride in celebrating everything about the Irish culture.

Join this year’s parade and spend the day saying “Slainte!” whenever you get a new pint of (green) beer! Here are some ideas to make this Saint Patrick’s Day unforgettable:

1.  Wear a Themed Costume: the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Costume is a Leprechaun. In Irish folk tales, these are short, not-so-handsome creatures with pointy ears and a lot of gold! If you want to go all-in, add pointy ears and a red wig and beard to your costume.

Mens Lucky Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Costume


2.  If the idea of being a short, ugly man does not appeal to you, you can simply Wear something Green: shoes, a hat, a scarf – whatever will keep you from being pinched. Accessorize with a shamrock and you’re good to go!


3.  When choosing ideal St. Patrick’s Day Costumes, remember that Comfort is Key and should be at the top of your criteria. This is a fun holiday where you will be moving a lot, so your Leprechaun Costume or your Irish Costume should be comfy enough and made of soft fabric.


4.  If you are searching for a Women’s St. Patrick’s Day Costume, then you are in luck! There are plenty of choices for you, most of them quite appealing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a leprechaun!









5.  After you’ve chosen your favorite St. Patty Day costume, it’s time to show it off. Participate in a local Parade (most towns have one) or simply head towards the nearest Irish pub. You will surely be greeted with a lot of cheer!

6.  Dance, laugh and have fun with your friends. This is what St. Patrick’s is all about!

Did you already find your perfect St. Patrick’s costume? If not, you have come to the right place: Leprechaun Costumes, St. Patrick’s Day Costumes for Men and Women, as well as all the green things you need to rock this holiday are just a click away at click away.

Star Wars: A Wild Millennium Falcon Appears!

So, more photos are leaking from the Star Wars set. On the one hand, by the time this movie actually comes out, we’ll have already seen it played out on Instagram and Vine, due to our inability to let a movie be filmed and produced before actually watching and analyzing it.

On the other, we get to see this:

…suddenly, I hate TMZ a little less, who did the legwork of acquiring this photo.

For the full effect, compare with this image of the fully constructed Falcon:

Yeah, not much doubt, here — that’s her, all right.

Other Star Wars news has been coming out — after the criticism of the initial casting over Episode VII’s lack of women (out of 13 announced cast members, two were women, one of which was Carrie Fisher), it’s now come out that Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie have been added to the cast.

Lupita Nyong’o is best known for her breakout role “Gwen” in 12 Years A Slave, for which she won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, immediately launching this then-unknown actress into prominence and becoming one of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood.

Gwendoline Christie is best known for her role Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, a role she’s rocked since 2012. She’s having a very busy couple of years, not only taking on the Star Wars: Episode VII role, but also a major role in The Hunger Games series, playing Commander Lyme, a victor from District 2 who whooped the Capitol to free her District from their clutches.

Amusingly enough, Gwendoline’s been criticized for being “too pretty” for the role. Don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly concerned about her looks when this 6’3″ goddess is swinging a sword at me.

As always, we’ve got Star Wars gear in spades. When you’re ready to dress up for Comic-Con or Halloween, we’ll have you covered right here at Costume Kingdom.