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No more being a CAT!

Burning Man Masks and Creativity

Me and my friends went to Burning Man this year and had the time of our lives! We all had crazy costumes that we dressed up in on different nights all week. I wore a Gold Venetian Mask the first night and my friend

Costumes Post-Halloween

Every year after Halloween is over, everyone has a solemn feeling towards their beautiful/thoughtful costume. They had put so much time and energy in finding, purchasing and fitting perfectly into their costume that when its all over, it is hard to let go. We all just have to put

Pics for our Contest!

Lately I have been assigned to review the pictures that people have been posting online for our costume contest and it has been very interesting! I started with the kids scetion and let me just say, they are adorable! I’ve come across Monkey Animal Vest, Li’l Chick Animal, and Lil’ Stinger Bumble Bee. Why paretns are so obsessed with dressing their kids up like animals, I don’t even know. Maybe its the fuzzy cuteness similarity that animals and toddlers have in common. I then moved on to the funny section and some of those costumes

I went to a costume party on sunday night and saw the cutest costume it was a Army Girl Adult.

Barbie Birthday Party!

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean that people dont still dress up. My little cousin is having a Barbie dress up birthday party. Since it is her birthday, she will dress up as Barbie Deluxe Genevieve, so that she can be the princess of the party. Her two best friends will dress up as Barbie Team Spirit Cheerleader

Gay men and the wonderful things they wear

Last night me and my girl friends got ready to go out last night and we thought we were looking pretty hot. That was until we got to the club. Why do gay men make