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Best Horror costumes

Looking over our vast inventory of frieghtening horror costumes, I have

Player Haters Ball

I just watched an episode of the infamous Chappelle show last night and I have to say the jokes never get old for me. They are as funny to me as the first time I watched them. The episode that I saw last night was the one about a Player Haters Ball, in which all the player haters from around the world came together to party and talk mess about one another. Watching the episode, I knew the outfits that they were wearing had to originally be pimp costumes. For example, one looked like a collaboration of the Big Daddy Pimp Adult, the Gangster Deluxe Adult, and definitely the Jheri Curl Wig Black. Another one of the outfits on that show that had to be a mix of pimp costumes looked like it had the Supa Mac Daddy Pimp Adult, the Yellow Zuit Suit Mens, and the Pimp Pomp Wig all wrapped nicely together. Lastly, all their accessories included pimpery things such as the Gold Chain $ Pendant, Gold Chalice Cup, the Gold Statue Pimp Cane and last but not least, the Gold Tooth. I don’t know why they didn’t just call it the Pimp Haters Ball!


I just saw the last of the Shrek trilogy and I have to say, all three of those movies were made very well, ESPECIALLY the first one. People look so funny in his costumes like the Shrek Adult Costume, Deluxe Shrek Adult, and the Super Deluxe Shrek Adult. All of these costumes look so comfortable yet exactly like the character. It’s also a good costume if your a little bigger and need a costume with extra room. The Shrek costume isn’t the only nice set-up from the movie but also the Deluxe Fiona Adult, Fiona Adult, and the Fiona Wig with Tiara and Ears. You also can’t forget the other main characters in the movie like Donkey Child Costume

Occupational dressing

It is always really adorable to see a child dressed in a professional uniform that adults wear. It is like they are adults but miniature and much cuter. Alot of kids look really cute in the E.R. Surgeon Child

High School Musical

I had been hearing a lot about this musical called High School Musical by Disney ever since it came out which I think was like 2 years ago. I always think that the made for T.V. movies aren’t going to be as good as the other movies that come out in theatres. Well, I was at the video store that other day and decided to just rent it to see what all the buzz was about. To be really honest, I thought it was a really well made movie for kids. They had such unique characters like the High School Musical Gabriella girl who was a cute actress (but kind of sang like Minnie Mouse). She really was dorbale though. There was also the “bad” girl, High School Musical Sharpay, who I absolutely thought sang better than the Gabriella character. The main star, High School Musical Troy

Birthday Party Ideas

This year my 21st birthday is coming up and I have so many ideas of what I want to do! I

American Spirit

It is really great when people dress up in the spirit of the country they live in, be it America, Scotland, Mexico or wherever. During the day of their independence , they can dress up to represent the pride in their country. For America’s 4th of july, people dress up in the Babe Uncle Sam, the Army Uniform Child, and the Ms. Liberty. People even choose to re-enact the story of America’s independence with the Colonial Boy Child, the Colonial Girl Child, the Pilgrim Boy Child, and the Pilgrim Girl Child. Besides that, people love to dress up like the Army, Navy and Air force to show that they support them. They dress in the Air Force Falcon Headpiece Adult, the Army Mule Headpiece Adult, or the Marine Bulldog Adult. All these costumes have significant meanings to them and even though some might think these people are crazy for dressing up, they do it because they are free to do what they choose. And I guess thats what America is all about.

Excited for 2008

I’m really excited to see all the new styles for the 2008 Halloween costumes that retailers and designing right now. There are so many different themes and fashions that the companies try to cover and it amazes me to see the various kinds. If you have a little girl who loves faiytales she could wear the Aurora Child, Belle Child, or the Cinderella Deluxe Child. If there is a rebellious teenager who doesn’t want to dress provocatively like the other girls in her high school class, she can wear such think like the Banana Teen, Lilith Goth Fairy Teen, or even the Raphael Muscle Child. The great thing about our generation is that girls can wear guy costumes and not be criticized or judged. Guys can wear girls costumes but it is usually with a humor intent, but the point is costumes are becomming available for anybody to wear. Even the dogs can wear whatever they want with their Batman Dog Pet, Heidi Puppy Pet, and Hot Dog Pet Costume!!!!!

Costumes for 1920’s Indie Film Part II

Finding mens costumes for my 1920′s setting was not going to be easy or cheap. But thanks to Costume Kingdom I was able to pull it off and stay within my budget. The costume that I purchased the most of was the Black and White Zoot Suit Costume for Adults. Some of the men were heavier than others so thank goodness I was also able to buy the Plus Size Zoot Suit Costume that was also black and white. Since I did like the style of this Zoot Suit I also got the Yellow and Black Zoot Suit for Adults and of course the Plus Size Gold and Black Zoot Suit Costume. I bought about a doze of the Costume Polka Dot Tie accessory to go with all of the costumes. Another costume that I found that worked perfectly was the White Pinstripe Zoot Suit Costume that came with a hat and went perfectly with any of the girl costumes to match. I also bought the Turquoise Pinstripe Zoot Suite Costume just because I thought it would really make my main characters really stand out in their scenes. It also came with a snazzy hat and suspenders! Hopefully my film will be able to go to Sundance this

Costumes for 1920’s Indie Film