Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Sharing is Caring 4

Continuing the saga, another costume concept that can be shared is the Banana! It starts with the Banana Infant Costume, Banana Child Costume 4-6, Banana Child 7-10, Banana Teen, then to the Banana Adult Costume and the Banana Adult Plus Size. It’s fun that children and adults can share the same humor. Additionally, children can share a serious side with adults with the Army Uniform Infant, Air Force Uniform Infant, Navy Uniform Infant, and then the Army Uniform Child, Navy Uniform Child, Air Force Uniform Child, and finally the Army Uniform Adult, Navy Uniform Adult, and Air Force Uniform Adult. With these Patriotic costumes, you have to include the Army Grunt Pet Costume.

Sharing is Caring 3

Because this topic is so, so interesting I decided to do a trilogy. The next age-friendly costume is Superman. This is seen with the Superman Costume Infant /Toddler, Superman Infant Bib, Superman the Movie Child, Classic Superman Childrens Costume, Superman Adult Big and Tall Costume, Muscle Chest Superman Adult, and the Collectors Superman Adult. Accompaning this costume is, of course, SUPERGIRL! There is the Supergirl Toddler Costume, Supergirl Teen Costume, and the Supergirl Adult Costume. Another great buddy for these costumes is the Superman Pet Costume and the Superman Dog Costume!

Sharing is Caring 2

There are many more costumes that are made across the ages and they are for babies, kids, boy, girls, mens and womens! Some more examples are the Po Teletubbie Infant Toddler, Tinky Winky Teletubbie Infant/ Toddler, Laa-Laa Teletubbie Child, and Dipsy Teletubbie Child. Matching with these, there are the adult sizes with the

Dipsy Teletubbie Adult, Laa-Laa Teletubbie Adult, Po Teletubbie Adult, and Tinky Winky Adult. Another great costume that appeals to all ages is Wonder Woman. There is the Wonder Woman Bib Newborns, Wonder Woman Toddler, Deluxe Wonder Woman Child, Wonder Woman Teen, Wonderwoman Adult Costume, the Full Figured Wonder Woman Adult, and the Wonder Woman Pet.

Sharing is Caring

I think it is really interesting how costume companies decide to make the same style costume for adults, teens, children and babies. It really says something about people when all ages can appreciate and love a certain costume style. For example, for the Spiderman costume, they make a Spiderman Newborn/Infant, Amazing Spider-Man Muscle Child, Spidergirl Young Adult, Spiderman Quality Muscle Teen/Adult, Spiderman Adult Costume, and the Spider-Man Pet Costume. Another great costume that goes across the ages is Shrek with the Shrek Bunting Newborn, Shrek Child Costume, Deluxe Shrek Toddler / Child, Super Deluxe Shrek Adult, and the Shrek Adult Plus Size Costume. Lastly, the Cinderella costume also comes in Cinderella Ballerina Toddler, Princess Cinderella Child, and the Prestige Adult Cinderella.

Famous faces

Our store has some really great masks that look exactly like famous people. They range from movie stars to politicans to creepy monsters. Some of my favorite are the Burger King Mask, Hungry Wolf Latex Mask, Plastic Man Mask Adult, Deluxe Alien Overhead Latex Mask, Deluxe Predator Overhead Latex Mask, Killer Clown Mask, Pinhead HellRaiser Mask Adult, Govenator Mask, Hillary Clinton Vinyl Full Mask, Nine Iron Mask Adult, Thug Life Mask Adult, Wild Bill Clinton Mask, Eminem Mask Adult, V for Vendetta Mask, Venom Adult Latex mask, and the Yoda Deluxe Mask Adult.