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Hottest Halloween U.S Destinations

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With a little research here’s what looking to be the hottest U.S destinations for Halloween 2008

The San Francisco Bay Area is an always a vacation hotti that is known throughout the world to hold some of the hottest parties of the year! Before Halloween check out the dozens of landmarks and fun things to do. Then again you will be so busy checking out the entire Halloween craze that you may only have enough extra time to sleep.

Sleep? Forget about it… Check out Sam Spade’s Halloween events

2) New York

The Big Apple hosts some of the best city parades to grave the streets and Halloween is no different. New York’s Village Halloween Parade will be October 31st beginning on Sixth Avenue at Spring Street, and continues north along Sixth Avenue to 23rd Street.

New York is one of the most visited cities in the world. The best way to see the highlights of New York City is on a double-decker bus. If you get to New York before the 31st check out New York’s section in

3) Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are a fantastic place to travel during the entire year and Halloween Hawaii is the best! Halloween street festivals, haunted houses, spooky train rides, ghost tours, Halloween cruises, haunted hay rides, trick-or-treating for kids, movies, pumpkin patches and MORE!!! The tropical weather makes it a great place to spend your Halloween holiday. <!–[endif]–>

2008 Halloween Events in Hawaii

4) Los Angeles

PARTY!!!! From the Hollywood Hills to the beaches, Los Angeles is a diverse Halloween where you will find a buffet of Halloween events for both adults and kids. Every year Disneyland gets a Halloween makeover while Knott’s Scary Farm does a Halloween haunt. Then there is Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Nights. West Hollywood has their bone crushing street festival and almost every district, bar, community center and Pavilion is Halloween crazy! <!–[endif]–>

Los Angeles City Search

5) Austin

Austin, TX is becoming a Mecca of fun and they’re doing Halloween Texas style. The folks are friendly and your eyes will be greeted with a variety of eye candy from hotties to hot tamales. Check out the bat flights at sunset or check out any number of Austin’s fabulous bands. Every year, throngs of people, old and young alike, dress up in their scariest, wackiest, or most unusual costumes and parade downtown 6th Street, enjoying the “keep Austin weird” atmosphere.

City Search

Rednecks For Obama

Mirror mirror on the wall who the best politician for a Halloween ball? No doubt about it – this election is offering the best of the best in politician fun! “Rednecks for Obama” greeted Obama in Missouri while McCain is turning out to be a big mask hit with the Halloween crowd. BUT let’s not leave Palin to the backwoods of costumes… her perky personality is in big demand with both the femmes and the boys. Hillary refuses to take a back seat and her costume is demanding attention and getting it! So who’s the best politician for a Halloween ball? All four of them would make a great group costume.

Better yet grab a couple of buddies for the Rednecks for Obama to follow Obama with McCain, Hiliary & Palin.  Need a Bush trailing behind? No problem Bushes are as easy to find as a Hanna Montona  tween fan.

Hugh Hefner has new girlfriends

Holly Madison is out and Kristina and Karissa Shannon are in. Kendra will also be on the outs soon but she’ll probably be replaced with Georgia senior (college that is) Amy Leigh Andrews.

So your girlfriend, her friend and you are all going to the hot costume party and want something kool and fun… A Hefner and his girlfriend collection are perfect for some flirty fun! Guys can slip on the Playboy Smoking Jacket while the girls can slither and slip into a some very sexy Playboy playmate dream girl red carpet attractions.

Such as
Playboy Cigarette Girl
Playboy Vamptease
Playboy Cupid
Classic Playboy Bunny

Creepy Gay Kid Happy Birthday Costume

The hottest internet coffee talk is the You Tube video creepy gay kid happy birthday. In the creepy gay kid happy birthday, Sam Roberts sings the song happy birthday on the Opie & Anthony satellite radio show to comedian Bob Kelly.
A great unique costume that is both fun and funny! It’s fabulous darling — it’s oh so 2 snaps up and a whole bag of Doritos easy in putting together a creepy gay kid happy birthday Halloween costume.

Put on your favorite pair of blue jeans and a brown t shirt pulled up in a bad 80’s tie up. Then get yourself a dark brown Jheri Curl wig and the Hannah Montana Microphone and start practicing the Happy Birthday song. Need to follow an example? Check out the You Tube video creepy gay kid happy birthday song or starlet Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr. President version.

I can see Russia from my house

Sarah Palin MaskThere’s no doubt that Sarah Palin is a hot ticket and whether you love her or hate her she is one sassy adorable character. She’s also one of the best Halloween costumes to hit the road this year. The great thing about the Sarah Palin costume is that both male and female can dress up as the adorable folksy Palin and every one who does will add their own unique spin to the Halloween spirit.

Just add Palin’s signature black dress and red jacket along with the Palin mask and your set to be the Alaskan Governor. Don’t forget some of her most memorable quotes.

The Sarah Palin Halloween Mask video