Month: August 2012

Costume Kingdom Supports The Arts

The Boys And Girls Club of America are running a fantastic program! They’re organizing a movie making camp out in Sellwood, Oregon, where the kids will be writing, directing and starring in their own films! Last time this camp was run, the kids were making their own costumes. Since we’re based near Los Angeles, we’ve got a soft spot for filmmaking. We thought we could give the kids some options! We picked out some of our favorite outfits and sent them out to Sellwood. When the future Spielberg  (or Batman’s Christopher Nolan, as our writer can’t help but mention) shoots their early works, were proud to say that we’ll have “known them when!” Take a look at the video down below to see what cool stuff the kids are doing up in Oregon! KPTV – FOX 12 — Logan, Your Friendly Costume Kingdom...

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Race To The Finish

Shift into a faster gear and hit the raceway! Whether watching it on television, or hitting the BBQs right outside the track itself, NASCAR is one of America’s most beloved and watched sports! When you want to dress yourself in the style of your favorite race car driver, our NASCAR Costumes are just the ticket! For lady fans of NASCAR, your prayers have been answered! Danica Patrick has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing! Breaking into the boys’ club of NASCAR with her GoDaddy stock car, Danica’s shown that you can drive fast and look good doing it! Put the pedal to the metal and get yourself in a sexy look for Halloween with this NASCAR costume! With our Adult Danica Patrick Costume, you’ll be ready to rock in a style that Danica pulls off easily! Get behind the wheel and pop on your shades as you race past the boys at Daytona! Now all you need is a supercharged car and a track to burn rubber on, though that’s something you’ll have to acquire all on your own! Shift into a higher gear and pick up this sexy costume to show off on Halloween night! One of the poster boys for NASCAR is now available for you today! Driving the No. 88 Diet Mountain Dew / United States National Guard / 7-Eleven car,...

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The Batsuit

And now, a special guest blog about the world’s greatest detective. –Logan While heroes are avatars for the human condition; exemplars of what we could be with the right conditions, it is their suits that form their iconography, something tangible for us to associate with the name and power. Certain suits can be distilled down to a few colors or a flashing shape; red and yellow to most means the Flash, to a few it’s Iron Man. But few suits define the hero more than Bruce Wayne, or he’d prefer you call him Batman. Born of the minds of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman is a caped vigilante living his life in the pursuit of justice his slain parents were denied. But in keeping his identity a secret, Bruce Wayne formed an identity revolving around the clothing he wore, his Batsuit. This iconic piece of fabric and machinery has become as defining as the character himself, each phase of development leading to new story opportunities and even more daring escapes from tenacious pursuers. Batman is many things, a fighter, a detective, but above all, he’s a man in one kick-ass suit. While the initial suit was simple fabric with a utility belt, it developed over time to incorporate more assistive measures. Some would argue this takes away from the true essence of what it is to be the...

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