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X-Men Who Should Get A Solo Movie

Earlier we got into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but due to legal wrangling, X-Men cannot be apart of it. (I.e., Fox owns the rights to the X-Men franchise, where Disney runs the MCU.)

One thing that X-MenDays of Future Pastreminded us was just how many X-Men (both heroes and villains) there are in the Marvel universe. Many of whom deserve a solo film in their own right. Today, we’re going to check out a few that should get their own movies.



One of the most interesting villains in X-Men history, many attempts have been made to make Magneto more of a leading figure in comics. What the character needs more than anything is a movie that’ll solidify who he is in the minds of a generation’s worth of readers.

With Michael Fassbender as a young Magneto, this is the sort of image that can be burned into the minds of readers who’ll see Magneto not just as an interesting villain and counter to Professor X, but as a fully-fleshed out character that can hold up his own film. Plus, more Fassbender is good, and more Magneto is good — even if he is a little brutal in his methods. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Magneto’s always been a complicated figure — a villain who can make a point, a victim of horrific savagery. A sympathetic character who nonetheless does horrible things. That’s the stuff of movie magic.



His powers are simple but elemental, and he cracks wise while he battles evil. Bobby Drake is a much cooler Human Torch. (Couldn’t help it, sorry.) But with his youth and skillset, he can quite easily shoulder the burden of a complete Marvel film all on his own.

Shawn Ashmore has proven himself to be more than game at handling the character, and with an extensive history to pull from (considering he’s a founding member of the X-Men), there’s more than enough here to create a universe that can utilize Iceman’s particular brand of powers and wit.

Plus, another founding member of the X-Men getting his own film would allow some of the smaller-known, but still intensely-beloved characters to get a bit more screentime than they otherwise would.


Jean Grey / Phoenix / Dark Phoenix

It seems odd that one of the most powerful mutants in all of Marvel hasn’t had any real solo screen time. This seems doubly odd when you consider just what a complex character Jean Grey really is. With the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth, there’s potential for many thrilling and dramatic stories.

Plus, it also seems wrong that after over ten years of Marvel films, whether from the Fox-owned X-Men line or the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have had exactly one female Marvel superhero film (Elektra, which most would agree it’s better we just forget it existed).

Fans are clamoring for a woman-lead superhero movie, and it’s anyone’s guess whether it’ll be the MCU or Fox that gets there first with their respective rights on Marvel titles.


Who do you think should get their own solo film? Let us know!

The Complex Marvel Cinematic Universe

If you don’t care for spoilers, then, well, you should probably click away. 


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU), with the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has revealed just how in-depth it’s willing to go.  With the reveal of Hydra and subsequent catastrophic damage to S.H.I.E.L.D., the top-level storytelling Marvel has been constructing is coming to fruition.Kids Captain America Stealth Suit Costume

And we’ve learned that it affects their television series, too. In retrospect, people now see Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — which was criticized heavily in its early weeks — as having a gargantuan task of prepping for this huge shift that would fundamentally change the series. When the name of your primary organization is in the title of your series, and that organization is in shambles, you can’t exactly pretend those things didn’t happen.

With an enemy organization now completely integrated into your spy network, and most of that network being destroyed anyway, we will be left with those questions probably for some time. With Guardians of the Galaxy coming up next in the MCU, we may or may not find out what happens with S.H.I.E.L.D., an organization that’s been instrumental since the beginning of this timeline, until much later when the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. begins releasing episodes.

For the uninitiated: While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past are franchises based off of Marvel titles, due to rights ownership, they are not apart of the MCU. For its part, it’s been noted again and again that while Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man will be integrated into the MCU, it is very much considered a “standalone film.” How Ant-Man will operate with the rest of the MCU is largely unknown.

Ultimately, we are at the mercy of Marvel’s creative whims, but thus far it’s been a heck of a ride.

Hail Hydra.

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The Rise Of Fantasy

Since the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, fantasy has made not necessarily a comeback, but has certainly surged. The past ten years have shown that technological advances in special effects and production in general allows for set pieces that fill the sprawling continents we’ve come to imagine in the novels we’ve read.

One could really point to 2001 as the end of the war film era. After the release of the Band of Brothers miniseries, along with Black Hawk Down, the tentpole blockbuster war film dropped off in popularity — most likely due to America’s extended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who wants to watch a war film when there are actual wars going on?

But we love a good battle scene, and fantasy has filled that role completely. Allowing amazingly shot set-pieces, we’re transported to a completely different world. Lines between good and evil are fairly well drawn, or, at least in the case of Game of Thrones, you can safely pick your favorite House. (And by favorite House, I mean that you’re a Targaryen and all others will die in a fire.)

Another part of it can simply be that fantasy appeals to a more diverse range of people. In the age of Twitter, those trending topics show that whenever Game of Thrones is on, there’s going to be a whole lot of people talking about Tyrion and Dany and Hodor. (Hodor!)

No matter the reason, it’s clear that fantasy is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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