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The Leaning Tower of Pizza and Burgers

Napoleon said “an army moves on its stomach,” and when we’re deep into the Halloween season, truer words couldn’t possibly be spoken. When we’re working late into the night to get your orders out, we get absolutely famished!

Stacks and Stacks of Burgers

When 11:30pm rolls around, I'm gonna be looking at these like it's smoked sirloin.

Listen, we’re working around the clock. If we were robots, we’d just need a little oil and gas to keep us going. But until we invent the Ship-Bot 3001, we’re going to have to come to terms that everyone needs some food. When all the stores have closed and it’s getting closer sunrise than sunset, we need some serious fuel to keep going!

I know when it gets late, and we’ve put in plenty of hours of work already, it starts to look like Dawn of the Dead out here. Things got too intense by midnight for one guy and he just had to take a couple nights off.

So yeah, we’re only human, and unless you’d like to see us lose our marbles and put on all the Tinkerbell Costumes, I think it’s safe to say we’ve earned a feast or two of burgers and burritos. Also, this is really to your benefit; you really don’t want to see me dressing up like Tink.

Trust me. You don’t.

Burritos and Burgers

A feast for kings!

It’s gonna be a whirlwind couple of weeks to Halloween, but we’re getting the job done! Our outfits are flying off the shelves as quick as we can stock them, and as long as we’ve got some tasty treats waiting for us, the days remaining to our biggest holiday of the year are going to speed right by us!

–Logan, your (very hungry and) friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor.

Get In The Game With Our Super Mario Bros. Costumes!

You too can look like the world famous plumber!

Mario has been apart of our cultural landscape since for over twenty-five years! Many of us have grown up with this cast of characters, from the brothers Mario and Luigi to Princess Peach! When it comes time for Halloween, what better way to show off that nostalgia for Nintendo’s pride and joy with an awesome Super Mario Brothers costume? Check out our Super Mario Brothers Costumes Theme and find the look that’s right for you!

Whether taking on the evil Bowser to rescue the Princess, or hanging with your brother Luigi, you’re going to need the perfect Mario costume! Get to transporting through pipes and busting heads with Koopa Troopas and Goombas in the right style with our authentic Mens Deluxe Super Mario Brothers Costume! Team up with young Toad with our boys’ Super Mario Toad Costume and rescue the damsel in distress, whether in the game or at your Halloween party!

This Sexy Princess Peach Costume will turn some heads!

Wanting a more feminine touch? Bring a sexy look to your Halloween party with a video game style! Turn heads and make the boys drop their controllers with this super hot Sexy Pink Princess Peach Costume! You’ll have Mario and Luigi ready to save you from any ne’er-do-well at your Halloween gatherings! And if you’re looking for a more traditional looking Princess Peach, we’ve got plenty of different looks to choose from! We’ve even got costumes in Plus Size and a Princess Peach outfit for girls!

No matter when you got into this fantastic game series, our costumes will show your colors with pride! There won’t be a soul at your Halloween party that won’t recognize this global phenomenon that’s well over two decades in the making, and still popular to this day!

Check out our Super Mario Brothers Costumes Theme today, and bring this classic nerd culture to your Halloween gatherings!

– Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor!

Rednecks For Obama

Mirror mirror on the wall who the best politician for a Halloween ball? No doubt about it – this election is offering the best of the best in politician fun! “Rednecks for Obama” greeted Obama in Missouri while McCain is turning out to be a big mask hit with the Halloween crowd. BUT let’s not leave Palin to the backwoods of costumes… her perky personality is in big demand with both the femmes and the boys. Hillary refuses to take a back seat and her costume is demanding attention and getting it! So who’s the best politician for a Halloween ball? All four of them would make a great group costume.

Better yet grab a couple of buddies for the Rednecks for Obama to follow Obama with McCain, Hiliary & Palin.  Need a Bush trailing behind? No problem Bushes are as easy to find as a Hanna Montona  tween fan.

Popular Movie Costumes for Boys

During Halloween of 2007, there were several costumes for boys that were in such high demand they sold out almost immediately after they were put on the market, and were extremely hard to find after that. Of course the Transformer Optimus Prime costume for boys sold out the fastest, since the movie was such a huge success. Another popular costume that was in huge demand was the High School Musical Troy costume, also because of the success of the movie it was tied to. For three years in a row the Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Carribean costume has been the favorite of many costume buyers and pirate lovers as the sequals keep coming. And it wouldn’t be Halloween for boys without the ever popular Star Wars costumes like the Jango Fett Deluxe child Costume and the Darth Vader Deluxe child costume that seels out every year as the newer models come out with more to offer. The Light Saber from Star Wars

Rocky Horror Experience

The other day I had watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a musical about two yuppies that get trapped in a insane alien’s sexual escapades. It is a really fun and entertaining movie where the audience is urged to participate by responding to certain things in the movie. For example, at the wedding scene in the beginning the audience is supposed to throw rice at the screen just as the characters are doing in the movie. There are multiple instances throughout the movie where audience participation is encouraged.

I came to work the other day and told this crazy guy Donovan that I thought that movie was very interesting. He told me that he goes to certain theaters once a month and dresses up like all the characters. I thought it was pretty strange. The next day I came to work I was signing in and I saw him in the Frank-N-Furter Adult costume strutting around. It was very funny to see him in costume with the Pearl Choker and his full make up done with the Rocky Horror Make Up Kit. The proceeding day I was counting inventory and I saw him lurking around in the Riff Raff Adult Costume. He even had on the crazy make up and the essential Riff Raff Wig! I thought he couldn’t get any stranger but of course the next day I was waiting for the bathroom and suddenly he walked out wearing the Magenta Adult Costume. His Magenta Wig looked exactly like the one in the movie because it was big and bouncy. I must say it was quite fabulous. We had a nice break during the holidays and I thought Donovan would be over the whole dressing up phase but right when I stepped into the office he was doing the Time Warp dance in the Columbia Adult costume with another employee Micheline, also in a crazy Rocky Horror Picture Show costume.

I must say, Donovan is one unusual character.

Ultimate Costumes

The more people get into the swing of Halloween, the

Clown Costumes and Accessories

Costume companies are getting so creative with all of the different kinds of clown masks and accessories you can buy. I think it’s funny how they are coming up with alot more Scary Clown Costumes because they know some people have a huge fear of clowns. I saw this one really cool Adult Clown Costume with Glowing Eyes that looked really scary. I’ve also seen alot of crazy Clown Masks coming in like the Army Camo Clown Mask or the Black Twisted Clown Mask. They have other ones that came in that were more like The

Pet Costumes

My co-worker Christina is a dog lover. She told me

My Baby’s first halloween costume.