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My picks for the BEST costumes Part Deux!

I realized that I didn’t finish saying what my favorite pictures in the contest were yet. I still need to go over the Kids, Scary or Sexy categories! Out of all the categories, I have to say the entries within the Kids section were the most creative. You could absolutely tell that most of their costumes

Who I think has the BEST Costumes in the Contest

So I’ve been frequently browsing the photo entries on the Costume Kingdom Gallery and I have seen some really great costumes that I think deserve some recognition. Within the Classic costume category, I saw a picture of a woman in a Deluxe Classic Marilyn Monroe costume painted completely bright pink with a man dressed exactly like Andy Warhol. It was

Pics for our Contest!

Lately I have been assigned to review the pictures that people have been posting online for our costume contest and it has been very interesting! I started with the kids scetion and let me just say, they are adorable! I’ve come across Monkey Animal Vest, Li’l Chick Animal, and Lil’ Stinger Bumble Bee. Why paretns are so obsessed with dressing their kids up like animals, I don’t even know. Maybe its the fuzzy cuteness similarity that animals and toddlers have in common. I then moved on to the funny section and some of those costumes

Hey everyone, checkout our latest contest we are offering for our loyal customers. Win a trip to Hollywood, Ca to meet Big Black from the #1 hit show Rob and Big. The winner and a guest will be flown to Los Angeles, put up in a hotel for 3 days and have lunch with Big Black. This video was shot at Rob’s house in the Hollywood Hills and features Christopher “Big Black” Boykin as well as everyones favority meaty the dog. We hope you enjoy this video and this contest and we would like to hear your comments.