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I was scrolling through some of the costumes on our site and I began to realize that the key influential factor

The Holiday Spirit

When I was younger, I always got so excited after Halloween because that meant Thanksgiving and Christmas were on their way. My mother used to have decorating assignments for me to do for the house; spray the ornaments with glitter, sew the stockings, place the lights on the roof, etc. It was just always so much fun for me to do all these activities because I got to do them with my family, especially my mom. But as time went by, our traditional decorating of the house began to deteriorate. My mom started working, I began taking A.P. classes and also I got a job. First, the lights ceased to be put up, then the ornaments started to fall apart and the stockings seemed to be too much of a clutter in front of the fireplace. Even today our work ethic for our own house seems to have disappeared when it comes to the holiday spirit.

I want to be a elf!!!!!

Nightmare Before X-mas lovin’


No more being a CAT!

Costumes Post-Halloween

Every year after Halloween is over, everyone has a solemn feeling towards their beautiful/thoughtful costume. They had put so much time and energy in finding, purchasing and fitting perfectly into their costume that when its all over, it is hard to let go. We all just have to put

The right costume for the right setting.

So this weekend was so much fun for me!

Costume Kingdom uses Web 2.0 to push Halloween Costumes sales in 2007.

THE SPIRITS OF THE SEASON HAVE BEEN SMILING ON Tamir Nadborny, president of Costume Kingdom, America

Maid Costumes

Costume company’s are making so many maid costumes this year. There is the Classic Sexy Maid, the Full Figure French maid, the Sexy Fifi French maid, and the Sexy Naughty French maid. There is also the Playboy Classic French maid.For plus sizes there is the Sexy Chambermaid Plus Size

Red Riding Hood

I love all of the new different kinds of Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Costumes they’ve been coming out with this season! Me and my boyfriend wanted to dress up together as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and we were so surprised at our list of options that we had a hard time deciding which one to be! The first one I checked out was this very cute and Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Costume. I was looking at the sizes and wondering if it was going to be too tight. But then I found that they had the same costume in a Plus Size Little Red Riding Hood Costume.