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The costume that always makes people turn their heads is ALWAYS Cleopatra. As everyone knows, she was the queen of Egypt who ruled a revolutionary regime. She was also known for wearing very fashionable clothing for her time. All of the costumes for her are classy, stylish and sexy. The classic costume renditions of Cleopatra, for example, are the Mystical Mummy Deluxe Adult and the Sexy Cleopatra White Adult. The stylish Cleopatra costumes include the Cleopatra Adult and the Deluxe Cleopatra Adult. Lastly, the sexy Cleopatra costumes include the alternative Nefertiti Adult Costume and the Cleo Queen Adult. She really was queen of the Nile!

The Coolest Contradictions

It is really cute when a couple dresses together in the same theme, like the Zombie Prom Nerd

Cartoons to Costumes

It feels so natural for a cartoon character to become a popular costume. This is probably because in cartoons, we see characters that are drawn so abstract and wacky that we associate that concept with costumes. Costumes are what we wear to take on an alternative persona than ourselves. It makes perfect sense. Some of these include Naruto Child Costume, Naruto Deluxe Jacket Child Teen, Kakashi Deluxe Teen/Child, Deluxe Cartman Adult, South Park Satan Muscle Adult, Krusty The Clown Deluxe Adult, Mr. Burns Adult Costume, and many others. Another reason cartoon characters are so big as costumes is because children are tricked into believeing that those costumes are the actual characters they see on t.v. For example, kids love to see Ariel Deluxe Adult, Aurora Prestige Adult, Tinker Bell Adult, Genie Muscle Adult, Dora the Explorer Child, Madeline Child Costume, Pokemon Pikachu Child, Minnie Mouse Child, and the Velma Child Costume.

Make-up Ga-lour!

I think one of the most interesting jobs in the entertainment industry today is a make-up artists. They create so many different types of looks with whatever materials and creativity they have. For example, when a make up artist is working for a t.v. show, they use kits like the Black Cream Make-Up Kit, Clown Makeup Factory, Clown Makeup, Pirate Makeup Kit, Rocky Horror Make Up Kit, and the White Cream Make-Up Kit. Movie set make-up artists have more of a challenge because they usually have to deal with tougher fantasy situations. Those type of make-up artists probably use the Bloody Bolt, EZ Big Gash FX Kit, EZ Body Hits FX Kit, EZ That Burns FX Kit, FX Complete Burn and Scar Kit, EZ Gouge Scar Set FX Kit, and the

Go, Go Power Rangers!

Boys have been in love with the Power Rangers for years. They love them because they are energetic, karate skilled, and crime-fighting heros. Every boy loves a hero and wants to be one (especially for their birthday parties). They can be the Blue Power Rangers Muscle Child with the Blue Power Rangers Boot Covers Child

Love the 80’s

The 80s are comming back! In every fashion show you watch today, people are wearing neon colors, feathered hair and lots of skin tight tights. I thought it would be a great idea to throw an 80s party where the guests could merge the classic 80s style with the modern 80s style (if that makes any sense). People showed up in the greatest gear! This one couple was wearing the 80′s Rock God Adult, 80′s Rock Star Black Wig, Monster Mohawk Wig,

Cultures Part Deux

So I recently discussed how

The culture of the Costumes

Though costumes are usually clothes that reflect movie characters, hilarious objects or intensely sex-ed up wardrobe, a good majority of them represent a certain cultures traditional clothes. Our generation loves to learn and discover different cultures that have deep traditional rituals like food, design and dress. For example, most Americans love Japan’s traditional style as the Geisha Gal Adult, Geisha Kimono Deluxe Adult, Japanese Geisha Adult, Lotus Flower Geisha Adult, Red Kimono Geisha Plus Size Adult, Sexy Adult Geisha, Sexy Dragon Geisha, and the Sexy Enchanting Geisha. Of course these are America’s take on what traditional Japanese style would be so they are not 100% accurate. Another traditional culture that is very popular is the Swedish/German style with the Sexy Gretchen Adult, Sexy Heidi Adult, Sexy Serving Wench or even the Dutch Girl Adult. Some other misc. popular cultures include the Cleo Queen Adult, Deluxe Greek Goddess Adult, Deluxe Harem Princess Adult, Luscious Leprechaun Adult, Native Princess Adult, Sexy Can-Can Girl Adult and the Sexy England Flag Mini Dress Adult.

Movie Mise-en-sine

A movie is not a movie if it doesn’t have a style. And what is the main component of a movie that gives it a style. The costumes of course! Film makers young and old know the way to visually enhance a story is to have successful costumes that help construct your story. You can’t shoot the movie “Robin Hood” without having the Robin Hood Adult, Maid Marian Adult, Braiden Maiden Burgundy, Feathered Prince Hat Green, Lady in Waiting Renaissance Adult, Monk Brown Plus Size, and the Medieval Valiant Knight Plus Size. You couldn’t make “Pirates of the Caribbean” without Cap’n Cutthroat Adult Plus Size, Captain Jack Sparrow Prestige Adult, Davey Jones Deluxe Adult, Maccus Sharkman Adult, Elizabeth Pirate Deluxe Adult, and the Elizabeth Empress Deluxe Child. For any movie, costumes move the story forward.

Plus size

We live in a time where our tolerance towards other people’s differences is the largest ever. But one thing our American culture has not been so progressive about is body image. American media has always strongly convinced people to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Many people are not born to fit into a size 2 pants and they shouldn’t have to feel bad about it. Our store has over 200 plus size costumes that are exactly the same as the smaller size costumes, just fit to a different size.

For women, there are such costumes as the 7 PC Penal Code Penny, Black Playboy Bunny Adult Plus Size, Eskimo Cutie Adult Plus Size, French Maid Adult Plus Size, Rhinestone Cowgirl Plus Size Adult, Sexy Prep School Delinquent Plus Size, Sexy Swashbuckler Adult Plus Size, and the Sexy Varsity Cheerleader Plus Size. For men, there is the Deluxe Robin Hood Adult Plus Size, Ghostbusters Adult Plus Size, Beer Man Adult Plus Size, Big Daddy Plus Size, Deluxe Pirate Adult Plus Size, Elvis Rock Legend Big and Tall, Hercules Costume Plus Size, and the PJ Jammies Blue Plus Size. Anybody can be anyone they want to be for Halloween, no waist size required.