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When I was younger, for some reason I always dressed up like a cat for Halloween. I don’t know why, but I loved putting on the ears, tail, and whiskers

masks, Masks, MASKS!

One great thing about purchasing a mask for Halloween is you don’t have to really work hard on finding the rest of the costume to wear. If you have a really great mask, nobody will even notice that you’re wearing your regular clothes. Lets say you decide to wear the Homer Simpson Mask Oversized. You only have to wear blue jeans, a white shirt and the mask! There are a lot of masks you can wear this way like the Bart Simpson Mask Adult, Cartman Vinyl Mask Adult, Eminem Mask Adult, Govenator Mask, the Geico Caveman Latex Mask and many more! Even though many masks make it easy to dress up, some make it really, really difficult. Masks like the

Party Animals

A trend that

Happy Valentines Day

Its Valentines Day which is all about love and appreciation. What would be cuter on a holiday like this than dressing up for the theme? Costumes are truly the number one way to show appreciation because of the dedication put into dressing up. If your a little girl and want to surprise your folks in the morning, you could pop into their room wearing the Heart Princess Toddler, Sweetheart Fairy Child, with the Pink Heart Purse, or the Velvet Red Heart Purse. For the older crowd, I suggest the Cupid Adult, Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Plus Size, Queen of Hearts Deluxe Adult, the Sexy Queen of Hearts Adult, and the Sexy Queen of Hearts Off the Shoulder Dress Adult. Some costumes that are a bit more personal for Valentine sweety are the Super Sexy Queen of Hearts Adult, the Heart On Adult,


When I was in elementary school, I loved to go to and have slumber parties. Theres nothing better than having a group full of little girls running around the house, watching cheesy love story movies and feeding off of each others crazy energy. One activity I always loved the most was dress-up. I don’t know why, but I thought it was so fun to wear outfits like the Barbie Blushing Bride, Barbie Fairy Elina Prestige, Barbie Deluxe Genevieve, and the Barbie Deluxe Princess Rosella. I have to say, the Barbie corporation really knows how to appeal to little girls. They don’t stop with just the typical bride, fairy or princess theme at all. Their inventory also includes Angel Barbie Child, Barbie Diva Costume, Barbie Magical Sorceress, Barbie Prima Ballerina, Barbie Team Spirit Cheerleader, Barbie Varsity Cheerleader, Cowgirl Barbie Child, and the Sweet Sorceress Barbie. So many outfits for so many adventures!

Superhero celebration!

I just recently watched a movie called “Mystery Men” starring Ben Stiller, and it was so hilarious! One scene that popped into my mind afterwards was their superhero try-outs party (Dane Cook actually plays one of the phony superheros named “The Waffler”…wow). I was thinking how funny it would be to throw a superhero party where people dress like actual superheros like the Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult, the Captain America Muscle Adult, the Collectors Batgirl Adult, the Collectors Superman Adult, the Deluxe Hellboy Adult, the Deluxe Wolverine Muscle Adult, the Full Figured Wonder Woman Adult, the Iron Man Muscle Adult, the Mr. Incredible Deluxe Adult, the Spiderman Adult Costume, and many MANY more! In addition to all these fantastic classic superhero costumes, other people can come as made up superheros like the Super Sperm Superhero, the Sexy Mystery Hero Adult, the Spider Hero Adult, Beer Man Adult, Captain Condom Adult, Mr. BBQ Man, Remote Control Crusader, Super 6 Pack Man, and of course Tooth Fairy Adult!!!

Funniest looking costumes!

We have some of the most hilarious costumes for people to wear. I never realized how crazy someone would probably look in these if they wore them.

Best Horror costumes

Looking over our vast inventory of frieghtening horror costumes, I have

Player Haters Ball

I just watched an episode of the infamous Chappelle show last night and I have to say the jokes never get old for me. They are as funny to me as the first time I watched them. The episode that I saw last night was the one about a Player Haters Ball, in which all the player haters from around the world came together to party and talk mess about one another. Watching the episode, I knew the outfits that they were wearing had to originally be pimp costumes. For example, one looked like a collaboration of the Big Daddy Pimp Adult, the Gangster Deluxe Adult, and definitely the Jheri Curl Wig Black. Another one of the outfits on that show that had to be a mix of pimp costumes looked like it had the Supa Mac Daddy Pimp Adult, the Yellow Zuit Suit Mens, and the Pimp Pomp Wig all wrapped nicely together. Lastly, all their accessories included pimpery things such as the Gold Chain $ Pendant, Gold Chalice Cup, the Gold Statue Pimp Cane and last but not least, the Gold Tooth. I don’t know why they didn’t just call it the Pimp Haters Ball!

Occupational dressing

It is always really adorable to see a child dressed in a professional uniform that adults wear. It is like they are adults but miniature and much cuter. Alot of kids look really cute in the E.R. Surgeon Child