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These Birds Are Angry

It’s the video game series that has spread across the globe and killed productivity in offices across the country! Angry Birds is one of the most popular video games of all time, and their strength doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon. With Angry Birds Space, gravity is now in flux, adding another level of complexity to this already ridiculously entertaining (and addicting) game. Now on iOS, Android, PC and Mac, just about anyone can get their hands (Wings? Claws?) on these birds.

Did you know that Angry Birds Space was first presented by NASA on the International Space Station? It’s true! The game’s stage is no longer flat, but instead has a number of different planets, each with their own gravitational pull. That alone presents a whole host of new challenges and a lot more hours of fun.

Close this windowAlong with new Angry Birds Space costumes (coming soon!), we’ve got quite a bunch of newer classic Angry Birds costumes coming in! You know exactly what to do when it comes to knocking down those obstacles! At the peak of your flight, you turn down on the enemy and – wait, what’s this? You’re turning into three birds?! No one said anything about that. Well, you’ll be ready to knock out three times as many enemies with way with our Adult Angry Birds Blue Bird Costume!

Whether demolishing challenges by yourself and competing with your friends to be top of the leaderboard, you can’t go wrong with this costume! Though I would probably avoid splitting into three smaller clones of yourself. We’re pretty certain that may just get confusing for just about everyone.

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And while you could have a lot of fun dressing yourself up as an irritated winged creature, we all know it’s far more amusing to see your dog look at you with questioning eyes as you dress him or her up in a costume of a different species. Go classic and let your dog run around knocking things over with our Angry Birds Red Bird Pet Costume! Not only will your friends think it’s hilarious, but your pet will not be amused, which is far funny than if they liked the costume. Don’t take our word for it, though, try it out yourself!

No matter how you want to show your love of Angry Birds off, we here at Costume Kingdom will have you, your child, or even your pet covered in the best licensed Angry Birds Costumes! Check us out!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

The Dark Knight Will Rise

The final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is coming, and with the world needing a hero, you can dress yourself in the style of the legendary Caped Crusader! With our Batman Costumes, you’ll be ready to take on the evil that stalks the night and clean up the city of the scum that walks the streets!

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Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be the good guy! Maybe you’re a fan of Tom Hardy, or just think that Bane is one of the most riveting members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery! With our Deluxe Bane Muscle Costume, you’ll be ready to terrorize Gotham City to your heart’s (or whatever it is that’s pumping Venom through your body) delight!

Whether you want to burn the city to the ground or you’re simply trying to draw the Bat out to bring him down, you’ll be in a killer look for Halloween! Team up with some of Batman’s other villains and get ready to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting populous! Pick up this fantastic costume and get ready for the ride of your life! Bring Batman to his knees with this outfit and show Gotham who really holds the power!

Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume

However, if the ultimate detective is what you want, then we at Costume Kingdom are ready to deliver! With our Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume, you’ll be set to take on the street thugs and supervillains that prey upon the innocents in Gotham and abroad!

Batman is one of the world’s greatest superheroes, despite having no powers of his own but his own brain and determination! Whether preparing for war in Wayne Manor or out on the streets, he’s ready to taken on the evils of the night, and you will too with this costume!

No matter what part of the hero/villain spectrum you plan to reside in, our Batman Costumes at CostumeKingdom will have you squared away! Pick up one of these fantastic items today!

–Logan, Your Friendly Costume Kingdom Neighbor

The Amazing Spider-Man Approaches!

With July 4th weekend approaching, there is always a blockbuster ready at theaters, and this year is no different! A full reboot of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man franchise, the comic book hero is back in action with The Amazing Spider-Man!

Whether a fan of the comics or the movies, this season is going to be hot for Spider-Man costumes! Who wants your old flat costumes when you can look ripped like Spidey? With the updated costume that Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) will be wearing as everyone’s favorite webcrawler, you’re gonna want to get in on the action with our Boys Spider-Man Movie Muscle Costume! When you’re gonna have to throw down with The Lizard, you’re going to want to be stronger, faster, better! With this outfit, you’ll be to take on the meanest of baddies in no time!

Or maybe you’re looking for some darker fare, and a fan of the third film? When you want to play both sides of Spider-Man, you don’t have to get separate costumes! With our Boys Reversible Spider-Man Costume, you can choose the light side Spidey, or the symbiotic dark Spider-Man that eventually becomes one of Peter Parker’s worst villains – Venom! Pick up this costume today and show the world what you’re made of — two times over!

No matter your medium of choice, Spider-Man is an American superhero icon beloved across the nation a million times over! Take a look at our Spider-Man Costumes Theme for more ideas on how to get that famous webcrawler out for Halloween!

Morphsuits For Every Occasion!

Many of us can recognize Green Man from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but what you may not know is there’s a lot more than just the Green Morphsuit! You can grab a wide range of different styles right here at Costume Kingdom!

Tuxedo Morphsuit

Maybe you want to bring some class to these proceedings? Whether you want to make James Bond seem downright boring in comparison, or you’ve just got to go to a black-tie event and don’t have a suit handy, our Deluxe Tuxedo Skintight Morphsuit will have you looking as debonair as any other well-dressed international man of mystery! No matter the occasion – except, well, maybe a funeral – this tux-to-go will have you in a hilarious look! Grab a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, naturally) and slip on this Tuxedo Morphsuit!

Morphsuits are amazing in their versatility – despite having your body completely encased inside, it’s thin, lightweight, breathable (thankfully), and you can even drink with it on!

At Costume Kingdom we have such a wide array of different Morphsuits! From basic colors – including Green Man – to Tye-Dye and Army Combat, you won’t lack for options when you check out our Morphsuits Theme!

Ninja Morphsuit!

Going for a bit of stealth? There is nothing more silent, more efficient, than the ninja. Why get a bulky ninja costume when our lightweight Deluxe Ninja Skintight Morphsuit will not only do the trick, but even help you stay in the shadows? Answer: You should just grab the Morphsuit! When your friends are looking around asking, “hey, where are you?” You’ll be giggling in the corner as you finish off the last… uh… water. Yeah, you were drinking water.

No matter if you’re hunting your enemies in the crowd of your Halloween party, going to a rave, or just trying to avoid that pesky cousin at your family reunion, you’ll be squared away as you make the night your best friend! At least until your best friends arrive.

Take a look at our Morphsuits Theme to get more ideas! Here at Costume Kingdom, we make certain to have all your costuming needs covered!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

How The Twenties Roared

The era of Prohibition – the Roaring Twenties – has such a distinct style that even today, it’s one of the classiest ways to dress around! It’s also a time of great civil unrest – of the rise of criminal kingpins the likes of which are infused in our American popular culture for decades past and decades to come!

Get into bootlegging with this Adult Gangster Costume!

Got a bit of a wild streak? Or maybe you just want to bring down the house in a hard-boiled style that’ll have everyone thinking twice before they mess with you! Get your tommy gun and go Capone on your Halloween party with our Mens Adult Gangster Costume! Toss on that fedora and get the lingo down right when you bring in the supplies Prohibition denied us! Don’t let those coppers slow you down!

Grab this costume and take to the streets in this classic style for your Halloween party! No matter what style or theme your party’s got going on, any outfit you pick from our Roaring 20′s Costumes theme will have you in a sleek, sexy style that anyone will envy for Halloween!

Dazzling Silver Womens Flapper Costume

Dazzle your friends with this Silver Flapper Costume!

Do you love dancing the Charleston? Get into all that jazz and put on a sleek and sexy outfit for your Halloween parties with this Dazzling Silver Womens Flapper Costume! People won’t be able to take their eyes off you when you stroll in to the speakeasy with this classy Silent Era costume – but they won’t be able to stay quiet about it! Put on your best Clara Bow hat and post up in your favorite smoky, dark corner – don’t worry, they’ll come to you! Bring the 20′s back to the modern era with this awesome outfit today!

At Costume Kingdom, no matter what era you identify with, we can put you in a classic look. Whether you want to be seductive, hilarious or just plain awesome, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our Roaring 20′s Costume theme and pick out what’s right for you!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

The Dark Knight Returns!

He’s the world’s greatest detective! Bruce Wayne’s one heck of a superhero, protecting Gotham from the likes of the Joker and the Scarecrow! Taking on all of the criminals and polluters of the city, he’s our last line of the defense! When you’re looking for an awesome costume, take a look at our wide variety and high quality Batman Costumes theme today!

Grab this Batman Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume!

When the Riddler or Calendar Man begin their wicked schemes upon an unsuspecting populous, you’re going to need to gear up and prepare to defend the city! Take a look at our Batman Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume, and take the fight to the criminals! They’ll think twice before thinking about messing with you when you’re in this muscular look! Pick up this item and clean up the streets in a great costume!

When Wayne dons the cape and mask of Batman, he becomes the greatest vigilante the world has ever known! Over the course of comic books, animated series and movies, America and the world has followed the exploits of this ordinary man who built himself up to be the most extraordinary superhero alive today! When you dress up at Batman, you will have an instantly recognizable look no matter where you go!

Insert a little anarchy with this Ultimate Joker Outfit!

Or maybe you’re wanting to take on a look that’s a bit… stranger? Bring a little chaos into your Halloween with our wide array of Joker costumes – particularly our Batman Joker Costume! Get your band of misfits together and wreak havoc on your town with our great Joker and henchman costumes! When Batman tries to foil your well-laid plans, you’ll be more than ready to take him on and make this Halloween one that no one in the city will ever forget!

No matter what side of the line you’re on, whether a makeup-wearing anarchist or a brilliant detective armed to the teeth and dressed as a bat, when you want to get into a great style from the classic comic book and film series, grab something out of our fantastic Batman Costumes theme!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor.

Love Me Tender In These Elvis Costumes!

He’s The King for a reason! Elvis Presley entertained America and the world for many years – and his music lives on to this day! From the breakout hit “Heartbreak Hotel” all the way back to 1956, he’s regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture! This rock star has been the subject of countless impersonators, and when it comes to Halloween, you too can now get in on the action with our great selection of Elvis Costumes!

This Infant Elvis Costume's adorable!

When you want to get your children in the Graceland style, we’ve got plenty for them to be outfitted in! Take a look at this Infant Elvis Costume! With an awesome crimson trim and sapphire designs, your young one will be in just the right look to show off their favorite classic rock artist! Bring out the hound dog in your child – they’ll go trick-or-treating to throngs of adoring fans!

Your child will put on a show as they go from place to place this Halloween! This and our wide array of child sized Elvis Costumes will have your kids in a look that’s absolutely adorable! Our kids line will have them singing “Don’t Be Cruel” proudly! Pick up one of these awesome costumes quick – Halloween’s fast approaching!

Rock out in our Gold Elvis Mens Costume!

For grown-ups, you’ll be able to croon your favorite hits in a brilliant color with our Gold Elvis Mens Costume! This costume is perfect for when you’re ready to hit up the Ed Sullivan Show (or, you know, just going to a cool Halloween party)!

Get into the spirit of our Elvis Costumes this Halloween with great outfits and classic accessories! With perfectly shaped wigs and awesome sunglasses, and even costumes for dogs, you’ll be in great form at your parties!

Pick up a microphone, toss on the glasses and sideburns, and get your best “thank you very much” impression down with our awesome selections of outfits inspired by The King himself!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

Smurf Happens!

This classic comic and television franchise is coming back to America in the form of a major motion picture! From 1958, these blue characters have lived with us through simple tales of bold adventure – eating sarsaparilla leaves and smurfberries! With a cooperative, sharing and kind environment, every Smurf has something they’re good at, all the better to contribute to the other Smurfs!

Grab our Papa Smurf Costume!

With a trilogy of live action/computer generated Smurf films starring Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry and Hank Azaria, the Smurfs are going to be bigger than ever! This all-star cast is going to bring these adorable characters to life for the old fans and a new generation! Take your nostalgia to new heights with our fantastic selection of Smurfs Costumes!

Take a look at this Adult Papa Smurf Costume! Hide from Gargamel by dressing head-to-toe with this wonderful outfit! Put on the crimson hat and white beard of the Smurf’s village elder and take charge of your Halloween! The pants make the perfect Smurfing touch!

Pick up this adorable Smurfette Costume!

Or maybe you want a feminine touch to your Halloween costume? Bring the alluring Adult Smurfette Costume to bear on your Halloween party! This costume features a turquoise top and a white dress and will have all the other Smurfs, well, smurfing to meet you!

You’ll be in a Smurfingly hot look this Halloween in our costumes for sale – from men and women, to boys and girls! Take a look at our fantastic Smurf Costumes theme today, and pick out the style that’s right for you at Costume Kingdom! No matter what age you are, our Smurfs Costumes theme will have the right look for you! Enjoy these items and more during the most festive season of the year!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

Here’s A Story Of Our Brady Bunch Costumes!

This Carol Brady Costume's adorable!

They’re America’s most famous family! With Robert Reed and Florence Henderson headed up this classic cast, they’ve brought joy to many generations. No matter when you were born, young or old, you’ve grown up with these amazing people – and now you can take these nostalgic looks to your Halloween party! Take a look at our Brady Bunch Costumes Theme and find the right look for you!

America’s mother Carol Brady took care of six children as a stay-at-home mother, she’s given us lessons for life that we won’t soon forget! When you’re wanting to bring out the best from your inner Florence Henderson, check out our Womens Carol Brady Costume! With a snazzy 70′s style orange blouse and a wide fly collar, you’ll have a classic television look that everyone will come to enjoy!

Mike Brady Costume

Our Mike Brady Costume will have you in a great style!

Or maybe you want to bring the famous architect and father to life? Become the hottest father on the block with our Mike Brady Bunch Costume! We’re confident that when you hit up this outfit you’ll have all the ladies watching everywhere you go! You can’t go wrong with this amazing look that’ll have everyone nostalgic for the old days of this classic television show!

Halloween’s a time to show off the colors and looks of what’s inspired us throughout our lives! When you want to bring out the best in American television, dress up in the styles of your favorite characters and take this wholesome look to your Halloween gatherings with your friends and family!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

Get In The Game With Our Super Mario Bros. Costumes!

You too can look like the world famous plumber!

Mario has been apart of our cultural landscape since for over twenty-five years! Many of us have grown up with this cast of characters, from the brothers Mario and Luigi to Princess Peach! When it comes time for Halloween, what better way to show off that nostalgia for Nintendo’s pride and joy with an awesome Super Mario Brothers costume? Check out our Super Mario Brothers Costumes Theme and find the look that’s right for you!

Whether taking on the evil Bowser to rescue the Princess, or hanging with your brother Luigi, you’re going to need the perfect Mario costume! Get to transporting through pipes and busting heads with Koopa Troopas and Goombas in the right style with our authentic Mens Deluxe Super Mario Brothers Costume! Team up with young Toad with our boys’ Super Mario Toad Costume and rescue the damsel in distress, whether in the game or at your Halloween party!

This Sexy Princess Peach Costume will turn some heads!

Wanting a more feminine touch? Bring a sexy look to your Halloween party with a video game style! Turn heads and make the boys drop their controllers with this super hot Sexy Pink Princess Peach Costume! You’ll have Mario and Luigi ready to save you from any ne’er-do-well at your Halloween gatherings! And if you’re looking for a more traditional looking Princess Peach, we’ve got plenty of different looks to choose from! We’ve even got costumes in Plus Size and a Princess Peach outfit for girls!

No matter when you got into this fantastic game series, our costumes will show your colors with pride! There won’t be a soul at your Halloween party that won’t recognize this global phenomenon that’s well over two decades in the making, and still popular to this day!

Check out our Super Mario Brothers Costumes Theme today, and bring this classic nerd culture to your Halloween gatherings!

– Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor!