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Steampunkers Unite!

Are you a fan of handcranked gunswords? Do you mix your vodka with mercury? Well, then you’ve got to take a look at our wide array of steampunk costumes and accessories to get yourself in the style that exclaims to the world: “I am totally cool with riding a motorized pennyfarthing!” With our killer steampunk line, you’ll be ready for one classic Halloween!

Mens Steampunk Gentleman Costume

Are you a dapper gentleman looking for a genteel yet completely functional outfit? Then you’ve got to pick up this outfit! No matter if you’re riding an airship to an unknown destination, or taking on what lurks in the night armed with little more than a crank-powered dirigible, you’ll have just what you need with our Mens Steampunk Gentleman Costume!

With a vest and a coat with tails, you’ll be perfectly suited up to battle anything that comes your way! Vampires? Check. Witches? Check. Mummies? Forget about it. When you’re going on and on about velocipedes, you’ll have just the uniform to do the job right! So take a look at this costume and our whole steampunk shelf to get yourself in a perfectly Victorian/Industrial Revolution fusion style!

No matter what form of evil you plan to be taking on in the depths of the night, our awesome list of steampunk costumes and accessories will be just the right choice for you! Pick this all up here at Costume Kingdom!

CostumeKingdom Supporting Peninsula School Basketball

Basketball season is heating up, and Portland, Oregon’s Peninsula School is ready to get started! The Panthers are preparing for their next basketball season, and they’re getting ready to roll!

We are proud to sponsor the K-8 school as they go to shoot some hoops! Go Panthers!

Check them out here!

Man Of Steel Coming Soon!

Coming June 14th, a new Superman movie’s coming out! Much darker than its predecessors, this Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen) directed film is sure to bring Clark Kent back into popular culture! (Psh, as if he ever left, right?) When you want to hit the midnight premiere with the right costume, you’ve come to the right place.

When you want to show off that superhero within you, show off your size and style with this Superman Big & Tall Costume! When the Lex Luthors of the world come out in force, you’ll be ready to do battle with him (and any other evils) in this costume!

With the big abdominal muscles and full red and blue jumpsuit, you’ll be ready to fly in no time! (And don’t worry if they mistake you for a bird and/or plane, they’ll recognize you soon enough.)

Whether wanting to take some time off in your Fortress of Solitude, or wanting to go in a killer look at the movie theater, our Superman Big & Tall Costume is just the choice for you! When you’re ready to take the lead with the Justice League of America, our Superman Costumes are right for you and your family! Take a look at our wide range of costumes today!

CostumeKingdom On Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a series on YouTube that’s been gaining in popularity after more than sixty episodes released! A modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the series follows grad student Lizzie Bennet who for school decides to start vlogging about her life — not realizing that her life is about to get very, very strange.

Ep. 59, which reveals the first glimpse of a long-awaited character, was one where we got in on the action, too! Already the episode has broken 100,000 views and is steadily climbing!

Take a look here:

Start from the beginning and watch more of “The LBD” over here on YouTube!


Costume Kingdom Hits Connecticut!

Earlier this week we’ve been hard at work getting our costumes known across the nation (and globe!)

Out in Connecticut at WFSB, we had a nice segment featuring a selection of our costumes (including our pet costumes)!

Captain America got plenty of love in this segment of local talk!

Check it out:

WFSB Channel 3

So hey, if that gave you some ideas, check out our wide array of costumes — we can still get them shipped to you on time for your Halloween gatherings!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom Neighbor

Take Down (Or Help) The Sith With Our Star Wars Costumes!

The Dark Side of the Force lives on even after the destruction of both Death Stars! Grab your lightsaber and build your army of clone troopers with costumes right out of our Star Wars Costumes theme!

This is the Ultimate Stormtrooper Costume!

Ready to join up with the most fearsome army in all of the Galaxy? You’re going to want to suit up in the strongest armor possible! Join the Galactic Empire and fight those pesky Jedi in the ultimate costume of the most classic looking of soldiers!

When the Rebels try to ruin your perfect Imperial Army, it’ll be up to you to stop them! So armor up and get yourself in line with the rest of your fellow soldiers and grab our Supreme Storm Trooper Costume today! Don’t let Skywalker and his band of misfits win! You are the strength and shield of the Empire – protect it and Lord Vader’s conquests at all costs! Pick up this awesome costume today, for Halloween or the upcoming Comic-Con! You can’t go wrong with this authentic, classic Star Wars outfit!

Our Princess Leia Deluxe Costume is Fantastic!

The perfect Princess Leia outfit!

Unless, of course, you’re rebelling against the evil Empire. With you and your Alliance, you’ve got a coalition willing to take on an implacable foe! When you’ve got the evil Sith to take on, you’re one of the galaxy’s last hopes! Our Princess Leia Costume will have you in a look perfect for leadership! When the fate of so many planets rest on your shoulders, you’ve got to step up and be prepared to take on the Dark Side of the Force!

When you want that perfect mix of familiar and classy, you can’t go wrong with our Princess Leia Costume! Get your band of rebels together and take on the evil that is the Empire today!

No matter if you’re getting an early start on your Halloween costume, have a Star Wars themed party or you’re just wanting to get the highest quality costumes for Comic-Con, our Star Wars Costumes will have you in amazing style with some of the best prices you’ll ever find on the web! Stick with Costume Kingdom and we’ll have your Halloween or themed party turning out in some of the best styles around!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor.

The Leaning Tower of Pizza and Burgers

Napoleon said “an army moves on its stomach,” and when we’re deep into the Halloween season, truer words couldn’t possibly be spoken. When we’re working late into the night to get your orders out, we get absolutely famished!

Stacks and Stacks of Burgers

When 11:30pm rolls around, I'm gonna be looking at these like it's smoked sirloin.

Listen, we’re working around the clock. If we were robots, we’d just need a little oil and gas to keep us going. But until we invent the Ship-Bot 3001, we’re going to have to come to terms that everyone needs some food. When all the stores have closed and it’s getting closer sunrise than sunset, we need some serious fuel to keep going!

I know when it gets late, and we’ve put in plenty of hours of work already, it starts to look like Dawn of the Dead out here. Things got too intense by midnight for one guy and he just had to take a couple nights off.

So yeah, we’re only human, and unless you’d like to see us lose our marbles and put on all the Tinkerbell Costumes, I think it’s safe to say we’ve earned a feast or two of burgers and burritos. Also, this is really to your benefit; you really don’t want to see me dressing up like Tink.

Trust me. You don’t.

Burritos and Burgers

A feast for kings!

It’s gonna be a whirlwind couple of weeks to Halloween, but we’re getting the job done! Our outfits are flying off the shelves as quick as we can stock them, and as long as we’ve got some tasty treats waiting for us, the days remaining to our biggest holiday of the year are going to speed right by us!

–Logan, your (very hungry and) friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor.

The Dark Knight Returns!

He’s the world’s greatest detective! Bruce Wayne’s one heck of a superhero, protecting Gotham from the likes of the Joker and the Scarecrow! Taking on all of the criminals and polluters of the city, he’s our last line of the defense! When you’re looking for an awesome costume, take a look at our wide variety and high quality Batman Costumes theme today!

Grab this Batman Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume!

When the Riddler or Calendar Man begin their wicked schemes upon an unsuspecting populous, you’re going to need to gear up and prepare to defend the city! Take a look at our Batman Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume, and take the fight to the criminals! They’ll think twice before thinking about messing with you when you’re in this muscular look! Pick up this item and clean up the streets in a great costume!

When Wayne dons the cape and mask of Batman, he becomes the greatest vigilante the world has ever known! Over the course of comic books, animated series and movies, America and the world has followed the exploits of this ordinary man who built himself up to be the most extraordinary superhero alive today! When you dress up at Batman, you will have an instantly recognizable look no matter where you go!

Insert a little anarchy with this Ultimate Joker Outfit!

Or maybe you’re wanting to take on a look that’s a bit… stranger? Bring a little chaos into your Halloween with our wide array of Joker costumes – particularly our Batman Joker Costume! Get your band of misfits together and wreak havoc on your town with our great Joker and henchman costumes! When Batman tries to foil your well-laid plans, you’ll be more than ready to take him on and make this Halloween one that no one in the city will ever forget!

No matter what side of the line you’re on, whether a makeup-wearing anarchist or a brilliant detective armed to the teeth and dressed as a bat, when you want to get into a great style from the classic comic book and film series, grab something out of our fantastic Batman Costumes theme!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor.

Love Me Tender In These Elvis Costumes!

He’s The King for a reason! Elvis Presley entertained America and the world for many years – and his music lives on to this day! From the breakout hit “Heartbreak Hotel” all the way back to 1956, he’s regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture! This rock star has been the subject of countless impersonators, and when it comes to Halloween, you too can now get in on the action with our great selection of Elvis Costumes!

This Infant Elvis Costume's adorable!

When you want to get your children in the Graceland style, we’ve got plenty for them to be outfitted in! Take a look at this Infant Elvis Costume! With an awesome crimson trim and sapphire designs, your young one will be in just the right look to show off their favorite classic rock artist! Bring out the hound dog in your child – they’ll go trick-or-treating to throngs of adoring fans!

Your child will put on a show as they go from place to place this Halloween! This and our wide array of child sized Elvis Costumes will have your kids in a look that’s absolutely adorable! Our kids line will have them singing “Don’t Be Cruel” proudly! Pick up one of these awesome costumes quick – Halloween’s fast approaching!

Rock out in our Gold Elvis Mens Costume!

For grown-ups, you’ll be able to croon your favorite hits in a brilliant color with our Gold Elvis Mens Costume! This costume is perfect for when you’re ready to hit up the Ed Sullivan Show (or, you know, just going to a cool Halloween party)!

Get into the spirit of our Elvis Costumes this Halloween with great outfits and classic accessories! With perfectly shaped wigs and awesome sunglasses, and even costumes for dogs, you’ll be in great form at your parties!

Pick up a microphone, toss on the glasses and sideburns, and get your best “thank you very much” impression down with our awesome selections of outfits inspired by The King himself!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

Suit Up From Our Line Of Iron Man Costumes!

This thing's even got an attached light-up chest Arc Reactor!

The second film’s coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray just in time to get people excited about the possibility of donning the armor and going out to Halloween in style! Tony Stark, now rock star famous after revealing that he was Iron Man, now faces enemies from all sides – including that of his own government! It’s time to privatize world peace! We’ve got everything covered straight out of our Iron Man Costumes line!

Whether dealing with Ivan Vanko, Justin Hammer, or even the United States government, Stark’s got all the angles covered, in his typical rock star style! So when you’re out partying it up for Halloween, why not take the toughest and most intelligent playboy’s style with you? With our Mens Iron Man 2 Costume, you’ll be suited up in some of the most advanced armor in the history of the world!

Jim Rhodes has an awesome gunmetal grey suit of armor!

Did your buddy already call dibs on Iron Man? You can still get into one fearsome suit as Tony Stark’s best friend, Jim Rhodes! With our Iron Man War Machine Costume, you and your buddy will be taking on all comers in style! Stop those Hammerdroids from terrorizing the city!

And that’s not all – for War Machine, we’ve got a couple of killer accessories to go with it! Our favorite is the shoulder mounted War Machine Cannon! No War Machine suit is complete with the variety of weapons this fearsome suit can carry! Back Stark up with the shoulder cannon and our wrist-mounted War Machine Guns!

At Costume Kingdom, we’ve got everything covered – from kids to adult! Take a look at our officially licensed Iron Man Costumes and get suited up for your Halloween parties today!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor!