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Jersey Shore Costumes – Time For Some GTL!

Seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? MTV’s Jersey Shore has become a phenomenon for young viewers – with the wild parties and steamy romances on the Seaside Heights coast, we’ve reveled in their style and taken “guidos” and “guidettes” into our vocabularies!

Costume Kingdom - Snooki Wig

Just pick up the Snooki Wig and let us take care of the "pouf!"

So it should come as no surprise as Season Two blows up in popularity that Jersey Shore costumes are coming out for this Halloween season! Wild, controversial and debaucherous, for viewers it’s the perfect party by proxy. They’ve become ubiquitous with the club scene – you can throw a rock and find someone who’s taken up the mantle of gym, tan and laundry!

With the distinct looks of these characters, you’ll be easily recognizable in one of our Jersey Shore costumes – and we’ve taken care of all the work to get in the right style! You could either spend a while trying to get the “pouf” right with your own hair, or just pick up our Snooki Wig and have it done for you!

Costume Kingdom - Pauly D Headphones

Spin those tracks with our Pauly D Heaphones!

If you’re wanting to spin some tracks and get people dancing at your Halloween party, you should get squared away in the style of the show’s most popular DJ! Pauly D spends twenty-five minutes daily on his hair! Last thing you want is to show up to your party late – save some time and pick up our Black Pauly D Wig!

Once you’ve got the hair down, you’re going to want to get your DJ gear ready – spin some tracks with a good looking pair of Pauly D Headphones!

If you can’t get to Jersey, bring the Shore to you with our fantastic display of Jersey Shore costumes! Then get yourself to the tanning salon and the gym – you’re gonna want to bulk up for the part!

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–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor


I just saw the last of the Shrek trilogy and I have to say, all three of those movies were made very well, ESPECIALLY the first one. People look so funny in his costumes like the Shrek Adult Costume, Deluxe Shrek Adult, and the Super Deluxe Shrek Adult. All of these costumes look so comfortable yet exactly like the character. It’s also a good costume if your a little bigger and need a costume with extra room. The Shrek costume isn’t the only nice set-up from the movie but also the Deluxe Fiona Adult, Fiona Adult, and the Fiona Wig with Tiara and Ears. You also can’t forget the other main characters in the movie like Donkey Child Costume

High School Musical

I had been hearing a lot about this musical called High School Musical by Disney ever since it came out which I think was like 2 years ago. I always think that the made for T.V. movies aren’t going to be as good as the other movies that come out in theatres. Well, I was at the video store that other day and decided to just rent it to see what all the buzz was about. To be really honest, I thought it was a really well made movie for kids. They had such unique characters like the High School Musical Gabriella girl who was a cute actress (but kind of sang like Minnie Mouse). She really was dorbale though. There was also the “bad” girl, High School Musical Sharpay, who I absolutely thought sang better than the Gabriella character. The main star, High School Musical Troy

Costumes for 1920’s Indie Film Part II

Finding mens costumes for my 1920′s setting was not going to be easy or cheap. But thanks to Costume Kingdom I was able to pull it off and stay within my budget. The costume that I purchased the most of was the Black and White Zoot Suit Costume for Adults. Some of the men were heavier than others so thank goodness I was also able to buy the Plus Size Zoot Suit Costume that was also black and white. Since I did like the style of this Zoot Suit I also got the Yellow and Black Zoot Suit for Adults and of course the Plus Size Gold and Black Zoot Suit Costume. I bought about a doze of the Costume Polka Dot Tie accessory to go with all of the costumes. Another costume that I found that worked perfectly was the White Pinstripe Zoot Suit Costume that came with a hat and went perfectly with any of the girl costumes to match. I also bought the Turquoise Pinstripe Zoot Suite Costume just because I thought it would really make my main characters really stand out in their scenes. It also came with a snazzy hat and suspenders! Hopefully my film will be able to go to Sundance this

Celebrity Party

Last year a few friends and I decided to throw a party where we all dressed like the craziest celebrities out there. I decided to take on the role of Mariah Carey by wearing a long, ridiculous sparkley dress

Rocky Horror Experience

The other day I had watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a musical about two yuppies that get trapped in a insane alien’s sexual escapades. It is a really fun and entertaining movie where the audience is urged to participate by responding to certain things in the movie. For example, at the wedding scene in the beginning the audience is supposed to throw rice at the screen just as the characters are doing in the movie. There are multiple instances throughout the movie where audience participation is encouraged.

I came to work the other day and told this crazy guy Donovan that I thought that movie was very interesting. He told me that he goes to certain theaters once a month and dresses up like all the characters. I thought it was pretty strange. The next day I came to work I was signing in and I saw him in the Frank-N-Furter Adult costume strutting around. It was very funny to see him in costume with the Pearl Choker and his full make up done with the Rocky Horror Make Up Kit. The proceeding day I was counting inventory and I saw him lurking around in the Riff Raff Adult Costume. He even had on the crazy make up and the essential Riff Raff Wig! I thought he couldn’t get any stranger but of course the next day I was waiting for the bathroom and suddenly he walked out wearing the Magenta Adult Costume. His Magenta Wig looked exactly like the one in the movie because it was big and bouncy. I must say it was quite fabulous. We had a nice break during the holidays and I thought Donovan would be over the whole dressing up phase but right when I stepped into the office he was doing the Time Warp dance in the Columbia Adult costume with another employee Micheline, also in a crazy Rocky Horror Picture Show costume.

I must say, Donovan is one unusual character.

Costumes & Movies

I was scrolling through some of the costumes on our site and I began to realize that the key influential factor

My picks for the BEST costumes Part Deux!

I realized that I didn’t finish saying what my favorite pictures in the contest were yet. I still need to go over the Kids, Scary or Sexy categories! Out of all the categories, I have to say the entries within the Kids section were the most creative. You could absolutely tell that most of their costumes

Burning Man Masks and Creativity

Me and my friends went to Burning Man this year and had the time of our lives! We all had crazy costumes that we dressed up in on different nights all week. I wore a Gold Venetian Mask the first night and my friend

Gay men and the wonderful things they wear

Last night me and my girl friends got ready to go out last night and we thought we were looking pretty hot. That was until we got to the club. Why do gay men make