Sometimes, you want your costumes to be as delicious as the food on your plate! When you want to have a fun and satisfying Halloween costume when October rolls around, you’ve got to find the right outfit for the job! With our wide array of food and beverage based costumes, you’ll have a grand feast awaiting you at your Halloween gatherings!

Chinese Take Out CostumeYou know, sometimes you’ve got an all nighter to pull, and when that happens you’ve got to have just the right food for the job! Whether going for some pork fried rice or good old fashioned chow mein, you’ve got to pick up this costume to show off your favorite kind of Asian cuisine!

From across the globe comes the Chinese Take Out Costume! With a bodysuit in the style of that take out box we all come to know and love, you’ll be kicking up everyone’s sense of smell and will have everyone wanting for more when you hit up your Halloween party! With this delicious outfit, you’ll have everything you need for a fun and festive feast of an autumn gathering! We here at Costume Kingdom are ready to pull out all the stops!

Ice Cream Cone CostumeOr perhaps you’re looking more for dessert? Had a long day and want a nice treat to reward your hard work? What better way to do that than to get yourself a delicious ice cream cone? Well, when you want to bring the kind of  delicious dessert that gets all your friends in a tizzy, you can’t go wrong with this costume! Pick up our Ice Cream Cone Costume today and dress yourself in a delicious treat!

No matter what course you want to be serving yourself as, our wide array of Food Costumes at Costume Kingdom is certain to put you in the style you know and love! Take a look at any of our costumes and check out our accessories to get you and your friends in on the fun!