CostumeKingdom Supporting Peninsula School Basketball

Basketball season is heating up, and Portland, Oregon’s Peninsula School is ready to get started! The Panthers are preparing for their next basketball season, and they’re getting ready to roll!

We are proud to sponsor the K-8 school as they go to shoot some hoops! Go Panthers!

Check them out here!

Man Of Steel Coming Soon!

Coming June 14th, a new Superman movie’s coming out! Much darker than its predecessors, this Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen) directed film is sure to bring Clark Kent back into popular culture! (Psh, as if he ever left, right?) When you want to hit the midnight premiere with the right costume, you’ve come to the right place.

When you want to show off that superhero within you, show off your size and style with this Superman Big & Tall Costume! When the Lex Luthors of the world come out in force, you’ll be ready to do battle with him (and any other evils) in this costume!

With the big abdominal muscles and full red and blue jumpsuit, you’ll be ready to fly in no time! (And don’t worry if they mistake you for a bird and/or plane, they’ll recognize you soon enough.)

Whether wanting to take some time off in your Fortress of Solitude, or wanting to go in a killer look at the movie theater, our Superman Big & Tall Costume is just the choice for you! When you’re ready to take the lead with the Justice League of America, our Superman Costumes are right for you and your family! Take a look at our wide range of costumes today!

CostumeKingdom On Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a series on YouTube that’s been gaining in popularity after more than sixty episodes released! A modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the series follows grad student Lizzie Bennet who for school decides to start vlogging about her life — not realizing that her life is about to get very, very strange.

Ep. 59, which reveals the first glimpse of a long-awaited character, was one where we got in on the action, too! Already the episode has broken 100,000 views and is steadily climbing!

Take a look here:

Start from the beginning and watch more of “The LBD” over here on YouTube!


Costume Kingdom Hits Connecticut!

Earlier this week we’ve been hard at work getting our costumes known across the nation (and globe!)

Out in Connecticut at WFSB, we had a nice segment featuring a selection of our costumes (including our pet costumes)!

Captain America got plenty of love in this segment of local talk!

Check it out:

WFSB Channel 3

So hey, if that gave you some ideas, check out our wide array of costumes — we can still get them shipped to you on time for your Halloween gatherings!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom Neighbor

Costume Kingdom Supports The Arts

The Boys And Girls Club of America are running a fantastic program! They’re organizing a movie making camp out in Sellwood, Oregon, where the kids will be writing, directing and starring in their own films!

Last time this camp was run, the kids were making their own costumes. Since we’re based near Los Angeles, we’ve got a soft spot for filmmaking. We thought we could give the kids some options!

We picked out some of our favorite outfits and sent them out to Sellwood. When the future Spielberg  (or Batman’s Christopher Nolan, as our writer can’t help but mention) shoots their early works, were proud to say that we’ll have “known them when!”

Take a look at the video down below to see what cool stuff the kids are doing up in Oregon!


– Logan, Your Friendly Costume Kingdom Neighbor

Race To The Finish

Shift into a faster gear and hit the raceway! Whether watching it on television, or hitting the BBQs right outside the track itself, NASCAR is one of America’s most beloved and watched sports! When you want to dress yourself in the style of your favorite race car driver, our NASCAR Costumes are just the ticket!

Adult Danica Patrick CostumeFor lady fans of NASCAR, your prayers have been answered! Danica Patrick has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing! Breaking into the boys’ club of NASCAR with her GoDaddy stock car, Danica’s shown that you can drive fast and look good doing it! Put the pedal to the metal and get yourself in a sexy look for Halloween with this NASCAR costume! With our Adult Danica Patrick Costume, you’ll be ready to rock in a style that Danica pulls off easily! Get behind the wheel and pop on your shades as you race past the boys at Daytona! Now all you need is a supercharged car and a track to burn rubber on, though that’s something you’ll have to acquire all on your own! Shift into a higher gear and pick up this sexy costume to show off on Halloween night!

Adult Dale Earnhardt Jr. Costume

One of the poster boys for NASCAR is now available for you today! Driving the No. 88 Diet Mountain Dew / United States National Guard / 7-Eleven car, he’s won the Most Popular Drive Award for the Sprint Cup Series nine different times, and for good reason! Considered one of the nicest guys on tour, he’s also one of the most competitive! With our Adult Dale Earnhardt Jr. Costume, you’ll be in perfect form to get behind that patriotic wheel and race off to victory! Zoom to the finish line in style with this costume and take on all the other NASCAR racers with confidence and style!

With our NASCAR Costumes, you’ll know that we’re ready to get you set for Halloween! Here at Costume Kingdom, we’ve got all you could want to satisfy your need for speed! Check us out and browse through our wide array of costumes!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

The Batsuit

And now, a special guest blog about the world’s greatest detective. –Logan

While heroes are avatars for the human condition; exemplars of what we could be with the right conditions, it is their suits that form their iconography, something tangible for us to associate with the name and power. Certain suits can be distilled down to a few colors or a flashing shape; red and yellow to most means the Flash, to a few it’s Iron Man. But few suits define the hero more than Bruce Wayne, or he’d prefer you call him Batman.

Born of the minds of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman is a caped vigilante living his life in the pursuit of justice his slain parents were denied. But in keeping his identity a secret, Bruce Wayne formed an identity revolving around the clothing he wore, his Batsuit. This iconic piece of fabric and machinery has become as defining as the character himself, each phase of development leading to new story opportunities and even more daring escapes from tenacious pursuers. Batman is many things, a fighter, a detective, but above all, he’s a man in one kick-ass suit.

While the initial suit was simple fabric with a utility belt, it developed over time to incorporate more assistive measures. Some would argue this takes away from the true essence of what it is to be the Bat, but these measures added into the mythos, making the character great in power and mystique. Now he could dodge bullets and bend steel, through the application of technology. He was more than a man in a suit, he was a myth.

The key parts of the suit fall into two main categories: those to ensure Batman’s hidden identity and those to enable him to fight crime. The former is facilitated primarily by his cowl, fused to his cape and keeping his identifying features well concealed. It is this aspect of the Batsuit that generates the greatest compulsion amongst readers – the revelation of the identity of Batman being one of the ultimately negative fates that can befall Bruce Wayne, second only perhaps to death. This mask can hold technology and in it’s various incarnations it has held sensors and data outputs. But above all, above the cape and beyond the armor, the cowl is what makes the Bat in the man.

Beyond the darkness and shadow, the costume held color. Typically in one of two variations, the original blue and grey, or all black. The Blue and grey came from the original series in the ’40′s, where the darkness of the series was not typified, ditched in favor of a form of camp action. It wasn’t until much later in the series that the suit changed color and the series grew up, becoming something more than a man in tights. Many argue this changed with the ’80′s. This was due to two main influences; the introduction of the movies and variation in writing staff including the influence of Frank Miller – author of The Dark Knight Returns. This change made Batman a darker hero, but also brought the costume into greater consideration, the movies introducing the idea of a black bat suit; an idea that has stuck throughout the movie depictions of the world’s greatest detective.

The other change introduced mainly by the movie franchises is the addition of armor plates and Kevlar. Keaton’s Batman had body armor to accentuate his physique and intimidate the criminals. This was a departure from the tradition of the Batman, in that his suit only hid his identity, not his physical ability. With this change, Batman became more than his skills, he was contained within his suit and as such it became as much the hero as he. This continued through the subsequent movies including the latest releases by Nolan, where the Batsuit has become a technological marvel, with power accentuation and memory fabrics fuelled with high current electricity. This is as far as you can get from the original inception of Batman. However, Batman cannot be discussed without his gadgets.

From Batarangs to cable guns, Batman uses and is as much defined by his toys. Though the cable gun is a more recent addition to the arsenal, Batman has generally been assisted in his quest against crime by his utility belt. Best explained within the Nolan films, the belt is well equipped with a variety of canisters of materials to assist Batman in taking down the bad guy. Though it has varied throughout the narrative, it has generally been yellow, with or without the bat symbol. This piece of the costume gives batman his firepower. What has changed over time is the serious nature of the pieces within the belt. Initially a more comical object, producing various sprays and pellets that could make more costumes (including more utility belts), the ’80′s again produced a darker version of the tools, matching the changing mood of the book.

When talking of Batman, it is easy to speak of how the comic books have brought about the movies, but a more important consideration is how the movies have affected the books. While with a superhero film like Superman, the costume is written and done, with Batman the description and actuality of the suit is more fluid; the symbolism remains the same while execution varies. Nipples on the chest in the fourth Batman film may have been a faux pas that never made it to the page, but the all black appearance of the latest iteration of the print Batman owes its lineage to the late ’80′s Burton Batman.

The Batman costume has changed over time, but what it represents has stayed the same. It has always been about a vigilante who seeks vengeance against the criminals he could never stop – those who had slain his parents. In doing this, Bruce Wayne chose a hidden identity, an avatar to become. Some may say Bruce Wayne is Batman. In truth, Batman is Bruce Wayne. The man is now the vigilante, who wears a disguise during the day to hide in plain sight. In doing so, the costume becomes as much the character as the man himself. -Bretzke

Bretzke is a writer for, a blog for comic geeks by comic geeks, with daily reviews and news. Thanks for reading!

These Birds Are Angry

It’s the video game series that has spread across the globe and killed productivity in offices across the country! Angry Birds is one of the most popular video games of all time, and their strength doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon. With Angry Birds Space, gravity is now in flux, adding another level of complexity to this already ridiculously entertaining (and addicting) game. Now on iOS, Android, PC and Mac, just about anyone can get their hands (Wings? Claws?) on these birds.

Did you know that Angry Birds Space was first presented by NASA on the International Space Station? It’s true! The game’s stage is no longer flat, but instead has a number of different planets, each with their own gravitational pull. That alone presents a whole host of new challenges and a lot more hours of fun.

Close this windowAlong with new Angry Birds Space costumes (coming soon!), we’ve got quite a bunch of newer classic Angry Birds costumes coming in! You know exactly what to do when it comes to knocking down those obstacles! At the peak of your flight, you turn down on the enemy and – wait, what’s this? You’re turning into three birds?! No one said anything about that. Well, you’ll be ready to knock out three times as many enemies with way with our Adult Angry Birds Blue Bird Costume!

Whether demolishing challenges by yourself and competing with your friends to be top of the leaderboard, you can’t go wrong with this costume! Though I would probably avoid splitting into three smaller clones of yourself. We’re pretty certain that may just get confusing for just about everyone.

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And while you could have a lot of fun dressing yourself up as an irritated winged creature, we all know it’s far more amusing to see your dog look at you with questioning eyes as you dress him or her up in a costume of a different species. Go classic and let your dog run around knocking things over with our Angry Birds Red Bird Pet Costume! Not only will your friends think it’s hilarious, but your pet will not be amused, which is far funny than if they liked the costume. Don’t take our word for it, though, try it out yourself!

No matter how you want to show your love of Angry Birds off, we here at Costume Kingdom will have you, your child, or even your pet covered in the best licensed Angry Birds Costumes! Check us out!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor

The Dark Knight Will Rise

The final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is coming, and with the world needing a hero, you can dress yourself in the style of the legendary Caped Crusader! With our Batman Costumes, you’ll be ready to take on the evil that stalks the night and clean up the city of the scum that walks the streets!

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Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be the good guy! Maybe you’re a fan of Tom Hardy, or just think that Bane is one of the most riveting members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery! With our Deluxe Bane Muscle Costume, you’ll be ready to terrorize Gotham City to your heart’s (or whatever it is that’s pumping Venom through your body) delight!

Whether you want to burn the city to the ground or you’re simply trying to draw the Bat out to bring him down, you’ll be in a killer look for Halloween! Team up with some of Batman’s other villains and get ready to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting populous! Pick up this fantastic costume and get ready for the ride of your life! Bring Batman to his knees with this outfit and show Gotham who really holds the power!

Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume

However, if the ultimate detective is what you want, then we at Costume Kingdom are ready to deliver! With our Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume, you’ll be set to take on the street thugs and supervillains that prey upon the innocents in Gotham and abroad!

Batman is one of the world’s greatest superheroes, despite having no powers of his own but his own brain and determination! Whether preparing for war in Wayne Manor or out on the streets, he’s ready to taken on the evils of the night, and you will too with this costume!

No matter what part of the hero/villain spectrum you plan to reside in, our Batman Costumes at CostumeKingdom will have you squared away! Pick up one of these fantastic items today!

–Logan, Your Friendly Costume Kingdom Neighbor

The Amazing Spider-Man Approaches!

With July 4th weekend approaching, there is always a blockbuster ready at theaters, and this year is no different! A full reboot of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man franchise, the comic book hero is back in action with The Amazing Spider-Man!

Whether a fan of the comics or the movies, this season is going to be hot for Spider-Man costumes! Who wants your old flat costumes when you can look ripped like Spidey? With the updated costume that Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) will be wearing as everyone’s favorite webcrawler, you’re gonna want to get in on the action with our Boys Spider-Man Movie Muscle Costume! When you’re gonna have to throw down with The Lizard, you’re going to want to be stronger, faster, better! With this outfit, you’ll be to take on the meanest of baddies in no time!

Or maybe you’re looking for some darker fare, and a fan of the third film? When you want to play both sides of Spider-Man, you don’t have to get separate costumes! With our Boys Reversible Spider-Man Costume, you can choose the light side Spidey, or the symbiotic dark Spider-Man that eventually becomes one of Peter Parker’s worst villains – Venom! Pick up this costume today and show the world what you’re made of — two times over!

No matter your medium of choice, Spider-Man is an American superhero icon beloved across the nation a million times over! Take a look at our Spider-Man Costumes Theme for more ideas on how to get that famous webcrawler out for Halloween!