I just watched an episode of the infamous Chappelle show last night and I have to say the jokes never get old for me. They are as funny to me as the first time I watched them. The episode that I saw last night was the one about a Player Haters Ball, in which all the player haters from around the world came together to party and talk mess about one another. Watching the episode, I knew the outfits that they were wearing had to originally be pimp costumes. For example, one looked like a collaboration of the Big Daddy Pimp Adult, the Gangster Deluxe Adult, and definitely the Jheri Curl Wig Black. Another one of the outfits on that show that had to be a mix of pimp costumes looked like it had the Supa Mac Daddy Pimp Adult, the Yellow Zuit Suit Mens, and the Pimp Pomp Wig all wrapped nicely together. Lastly, all their accessories included pimpery things such as the Gold Chain $ Pendant, Gold Chalice Cup, the Gold Statue Pimp Cane and last but not least, the Gold Tooth. I don’t know why they didn’t just call it the Pimp Haters Ball!