The other day I had watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a musical about two yuppies that get trapped in a insane alien’s sexual escapades. It is a really fun and entertaining movie where the audience is urged to participate by responding to certain things in the movie. For example, at the wedding scene in the beginning the audience is supposed to throw rice at the screen just as the characters are doing in the movie. There are multiple instances throughout the movie where audience participation is encouraged.

I came to work the other day and told this crazy guy Donovan that I thought that movie was very interesting. He told me that he goes to certain theaters once a month and dresses up like all the characters. I thought it was pretty strange. The next day I came to work I was signing in and I saw him in the Frank-N-Furter Adult costume strutting around. It was very funny to see him in costume with the Pearl Choker and his full make up done with the Rocky Horror Make Up Kit. The proceeding day I was counting inventory and I saw him lurking around in the Riff Raff Adult Costume. He even had on the crazy make up and the essential Riff Raff Wig! I thought he couldn’t get any stranger but of course the next day I was waiting for the bathroom and suddenly he walked out wearing the Magenta Adult Costume. His Magenta Wig looked exactly like the one in the movie because it was big and bouncy. I must say it was quite fabulous. We had a nice break during the holidays and I thought Donovan would be over the whole dressing up phase but right when I stepped into the office he was doing the Time Warp dance in the Columbia Adult costume with another employee Micheline, also in a crazy Rocky Horror Picture Show costume.

I must say, Donovan is one unusual character.