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George Lucas' masterpiece has captured the imagination of multiple generations! Take a look at our wide array of Star Wars Masks and fight the evil Empire at your Halloween!

Star Wars Masks

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If Star Wars stands for anything, it's aliens—and lots of them—Goofy ones, scary ones, creepy ones, that one that looks like the Devil— the Darth Maul Latex Adult Mask! Just look at the classic Catina scene from the original Star Wars (AKA "A New Hope")! It's nothing but masks from front to back and side to side! So, if you're a true Star Wars fanatic, then you'll be right at home in our Star Wars Masks sub-theme.

And, hey, it's not just scum and villainy that we've got in the Star Wars Masks section! It's heroes, too! Villains, even! After all, it takes all kinds to make this crazy Universe work!

Whether you're a member of the Rebel Alliance, a freelancing bounty hunter, a stalwart of the Empire,  Plo Koon, a bothan, an Admiral Akbar, or whatever, we have a mask for you! Afterall, in a universe as wide as that of Star Wars there is no wrong way to dress. . . except maybe as a gungan, but that is really between you and the Force. We don't judge here at Costume Kingdom.

From Tatooine to Yavin, the greatest resource for Star Wars accessories and costumes is Costume Kingdom! If you want Star Wars Masks, then look no further, you've hit pay dirt!