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Are you the comedian of your friends? Well, don't pull back now - pick up one of our hilarious Funny Costumes and keep your laugh streak going!

Funny Costumes

Funny Costumes


Funny Costumes

Do you love being the life of the party and have the great sense of humor to pull it off? Well this Halloween check out our large assortment of Funny Costumes, we have everything you need to break the ice and shatter people’s funny bones. We have Funny Costumes ranging from mildly funny to absolutely over the top and memorable pieces of art. Just search our inventory and you will find what you need to make this Halloween a night to remember.

Guys have you ever wanted just Rock Out? We have a costume that will let you Rock Out with Your Cock Out, literally it is one of our funny costumes we have in stock for you today. We also have some hilarious costumes from your favorite movies, remember the mankini from the hit comedy Borat? Yes we have that in stock too!

Ladies don’t think we for got about you, we have an assortment of hilarious costumes to poke a little fun. Check out our Wet T-Shirt Winner costume that boast some hilariously big boobs with a sash that lets them know you win. There is also a deputy Johnson Costume from the hit TV show Reno 911.

So don’t run around town! Instead come to Costume Kingdom has all of the Adult Food Costumes you need and more, so get it all at one place without having to leave yours.


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