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The world's leading paranormal investigator and our last line of defense, Hellboy is a hero for the ages! Bring him to your Halloween with a selection from our line of Hellboy Costumes!

Hellboy Costumes

Hellboy Costumes


Hellboy Costumes

Are you looking for a beastly costume? For a Beast of the Apocalypse look, all you’ll have to do is look in our Hellboy Costumes for men to be inspired! Costume Kingdom has a wide selection of Hellboy accessories and costumes to transform you into the crime-fighting demon of the Underworld! This is a chance to live out one of your nights as an iconic comic figure, now in two frighteningly fantastic films! Unleash your mighty stone Right Hand of Doom on unsuspecting foes as you stalk the Halloween night in one of the awesome costumes that’s part of our Hellboy Costumes ideas for sale!

Kids and adults can join in because we have an array of both from our Hellboy Costumes! Say you’re a feisty kid and you want a costume that shows everyone around you who’s boss? The Kids Hellboy Costume will put the fear of Hades in your classmates! If you’re an older bad boy with a penchant for causing chaos and bringing the pain, then you should consider our Deluxe Mens Hellboy Costume!

Your reign of terror doesn’t have to stop at the perfect costume, though! There are also masks and accessories to choose from, including a Halloween Hellboy Hand that looks just like the one from the hit movie! So if you’re looking for a hellish Halloween look that will have people whispering in fear around you, there’s no better choice than Hellboy! And here at Costume Kingdom, we’ve got all your Hellboy Costumes needs covered!


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