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Welcome to our Betty Boop Costumes line at Costume Kingdom! Here you'll find everything you need to dress up as Betty Boop for your Halloween gathering!

Betty Boop Costumes

Betty Boop Costumes


Betty Boop Costumes

Boop Oop De Oop! Here at our Betty Boop Costumes for adults at Costume Kingdom, we have just what you need to come to your Halloween as the world's first and foremost sexy cartoon symbol! Modeled after the famous singer Helen Kane and the lynchpin of silent film Clara Bow, Betty Boop speaks with Bow's strong Brooklyn accent and first showed up on the scene all the way back to 1930! Where Minnie Mouse had a childlike appearance, you can go to your Halloween as a woman in the making!

Take the classic red dress - from long skirt to eye-popping short - and strut across the dance floor in a classic style! You won't be wanting for potential suitors when you're clad in the elegant and seductive red of Betty Boop! Take the Jazz Baby scat singing to new heights and you'll pull off that costume perfectly! We have all your Betty Boop needs covered here with our Betty Boop Costumes for women!

When you hit up Costume Kingdom's Betty Boop Costumes for sale, you'll know right away you will be set up with the most quality and authentic costumes and accessories for your Halloween party! So put on that red dress, toss on that Clara Bow wig, and get to your Halloween party in style - all available here at the Betty Boop Costumes theme!


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