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Matt Parker and Trey Stone created a hilarious series based on the happenings of a sleepy little town in Colorado. From stopping Hell on Earth to the impressive journey of a gerbil named Lemmiwinks, South Park is a hotbed of action, suspense, and hilarity! So it’s an easy choice to make for a great Halloween costume that will have your friends dying of laughter as often as Kenny does.

Our South Park Costumes, from boys to men at Costume Kingdom has everything you need to make it look like you come from that little Podunk snowy town! When you need to fool an Olympics qualifying board or seduce the smart Wendy, check out our South Park Costumes for sale! Our South Park Costumes for teens has a great selection of costumes to transform you into a townie from that dark and twisted place! When you want to go on a rampage, screaming, “Red Power!” and feeding neighborhood bullies their ground-up parents, obviously Eric Cartman is your guy!

Our range of Eric costumes will put the big in your big boned adventure! If your constant dying is always getting in the way of your good time, our Mens South Park Kenny Costume is a great way to stay alive this Halloween! But what if you’re a demon with a soft spot in your heart? Well snag our Adult South Park Satan Muscle costume and show the world who throws the best parties! Whatever your needs, you can find it in our South Park Costumes ideas for adults!