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He's the International Man of Mystery... and now, you can dress as him in Costume Kingdom's Austin Powers Costumes theme! Austin brought the spirit of the Sixties with him to the modern day! With the psychedelic and fun style of the hippie era and the suave presence of Bond and Flint, Austin was the spy everyone loved to be with! Bring the humor of Mike Myers' famous movie character to your Halloween in our deluxe Austin Powers costume! You'll have the ladies' attention the moment you walk into the room!

Do you want to go a bit more evil? Austin's arch-nemesis is an enigma wrapped in wacky machinations and a whole lot of hilarious insecurity! Go through years of evil medical school, grab our Dr. Evil costume and demand sharks with laser beams attached to their heads! Look through Costume Kingdom's Austin Powers Costumes for adult selection and accessorize your costume with the bald cap and pinky ring of our Dr. Evil kit! You may not get a hundred billion dollars out of it, but you'll definitely get a lot of laughs!

No matter what side of the coin you plan on playing, we have you covered here in our Austin Powers Costumes theme! Along with these costumes, any Sixties era outfit will go right along with it! So whether you're planning on make your costume a solo bit, or wanting to bring a whole cast of groovy characters with you, our Austin Powers Costumes theme will have those needs covered here at Costume Kingdom!