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Welcome to our Mickey Mouse Costumes theme at Costume Kingdom! Mickey Mouse has been making children and adults alike laugh for decades on end, and his legacy hasn’t stopped him yet! We even tend to forget that this hilarious cartoon that has become an icon is still only a mouse! He began bringing smiles to Americans when the cartoons of Mickey Mouse’s outrageous adventures were plastered on our television screens in the days dating back to black and white TV! All of this available and more at our Mickey Mouse Costumes theme!

This Halloween, avoid being a typical cartoon character or stereotypical superhero and become the most classic figure ever known! With the help of our Mickey Mouse Costumes, we at Costume Kingdom provide you with a wide range of options for your Disney delights! We have all the bases covered - from the Sexy Miss Mouse to the Mini Mouse Kids Costume, all the way to the Kids and Infant Mickey Mouse Costumes!

You can be Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse from head to toe, and the Giant White Cartoon Hands will really help you put on a show! What kind of show, you ask? Well, Mickey Mouse was famous for having the talent to conduct orchestras, and so will you when you embody this multifaceted mouse! Simply browse through the Mickey Mouse Costumes theme collection right here at Costume Kingdom and see which of our selection is right for your Halloween envisions!