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From Frylock to Robot Chicken, Costume Kingdom's Adult Swim Costumes will have you in one of your most favorite characters from Cartoon Network's most famed programming block!
Adult Swim Costumes

Adult Swim Costumes


Adult Swim Costumes

The Adult Swim time block on Cartoon Network has proven wildly successful and brought about the emergence of cartoons for those who thought they had to "grow out" of animated programming! Here at Costume Kingdom, we have everything you need to take some of your favorite animated characters to your Halloween party! Show off your pride of Seth Green's popular show with a Robot Chicken mask! Or inject a little suggestive humor to your party with our Robot Chicken Humping Robot Mask!

Going with some friends? Well, we have the whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force trio! Get a buddy dressed as Master Shake and have him torture the Meatwad of your group! Jump into some wacky hijinks and roll in as Frylock to try (in vain) to keep your friends out of trouble!

Adult Swim is one heavy block of hilarious programming that keeps us always guessing! From Aqua Teen Hunger Force to Robot Chicken, a wide spectrum of humor from intelligent to the insane is represented here! Our Adult Swim Costumes for sale has it all!

Bring out the Mad Scientist from Robot Chicken to inflict weird experiments upon an unsuspecting populous! Adult Swim is the fastest growing Cartoon Network block of programming - you can't go a day without hearing quotes from some of your favorite shows! So when you're getting ready for Halloween, remember the nights where you've settled in to watch some hilarious and risk-taking animated comedies and bring out your favorite show, available here with our Adult Swim Costumes ideas at Costume Kingdom!


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