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Skipping off to grandmother's house? Well, watch out for that big bad wolf! No matter if you're looking for a sweet or a red-hot outfit, our Red Riding Hood Costumes will have you covered!

Red Riding Hood Costumes

Red Riding Hood Costumes


Red Riding Hood Costumes

My, my, what big eyes you have! That’s what you’ll be saying to everyone when jaws drop and tongues roll after getting an eyeful of you in one of the sexy costumes from our Red Riding Hood Costumes for girls! With the signature red hooded cape, everyone will recognize you as the fairytale darling, the savior of poor sick grannies, and the little red temptation that causes wolves to lie and trick their way into your house! But don’t blame the wolves—they can’t help themselves when faced with such a tasty treat!

So be the mouth-watering morsel every wild animal hopes to get their hands on with one of the sensual looks in our wide variety of Red Riding Hood Costumes for adults! With a wide variety of costumes for adults, teens and children alike; you won’t have to wander around in the forest without the right look! Rev up the sexiness of your story time in the Ravishing Red Riding Hood or Red Hot Riding Hood costume! For a simpler approach, try on the Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume!

Do you have a little girl in need of something special? Our children's collection, part of our Red Riding Hood Costumes theme, will have the perfect party dress for her! And if you can’t decide between naughty and nice, the Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf Costume has you covered! So don’t wander around without a costume! Check out the Red Riding Hood Costumes theme for your Halloween fun!


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