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Take a look at our Bruno Costumes at Costume Kingdom! All of our Sacha Baron Cohen costumes can be found here - from Ali G to Borat!

Bruno Costumes

Bruno Costumes


Bruno Costumes

For years, Sacha Baron Cohen has pranked some of the brightest and highest-statured men and women throughout the world. After jumping to the silver screen with Borat, he's become the go-to for getting some the strangest truths out of the mouths of famous (or notorious) public figures! In our Bruno Costumes ideas for sale, we have some of his most popular characters ready for you to take home for your Halloween party!

With these mockumentary films and TV shows, Cohen has shown what some of the best (and worst) in humanity can do! As Ali G, he's taken the hip hop lifestyle to its most logical extreme, and you can bring that costume home, and show off that bling! It might be a far cry from the ghetto, but you're coming up big, right? You certainly will with buying one of our Bruno Costumes!

Or maybe you're going for a little more effeminate? The flamboyant and ambiguous Bruno and title character of our Bruno Costumes theme is here in many forms! From the hilarious to the, well, strange, we've got many different shades of Bruno for you to bring to Halloween! Whether taking the questionable lederhosen costume of the simply outrageous clear vinyl suit, you'll have your friends laughing from our wares here in our Bruno Costumes theme!


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