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Get out of Africa with those wild and crazy penguins! Pick up one of our Madagascar Costumes and bring the famous animated film to your Halloween gatherings!

Madagascar Costumes

Madagascar Costumes


Madagascar Costumes

Welcome to our Madagascar Costumes theme at Costume Kingdom! Follow the fun and exciting wildlife adventures of four penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private! Let us tell you more about each of these cute penguins to help in your decision making process while browsing your choices of the Madagascar Costumes for sale!

You can become the leader of the clan, Skipper, and become the decision maker and eternally rational source for the penguins. If you tend to over-analyze, becoming Kowalski (the intelligent one of the group) sounds right for you! Become super sensitive as you transform yourself into Private, the one with a knack for cracking every secret code in the midst of operations! Last, but certainly not least, opt for Rico, the weapons and explosives specialist and take a more hands on job role on the team!

These four penguins from the kids Madagascar Costumes, for boys or for girls, seem to have all their bases covered, with a team of guys who can each contribute a worthy characteristic to the group. Look through the Madagascar Costumes theme right here at Costume Kingdom!


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