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Bring the horror that is Krueger to Halloween with our selection of Freddy Costumes! You'll have all of your friends terrified to go to sleep!

Freddy Costumes

Freddy Costumes


Freddy Costumes

Welcome to our Freddy Costumes for sale at Costume Kingdom! A Nightmare on Elm Street could be your next destination! Or, should we say, your final doom?! We aren’t trying to frighten you, but those you come across will be startled when seeing a figure with a claw striding towards them! That fearful vision in the darkness will merely be you dressed from head to toe in a Freddy Costume for boys! We've even got masks!

Make Wes Craven proud when you try on one of the many Freddy Krueger costumes. Our Freddy Costumes for adults also has many finishing touch accessories. Not only do we have the mask, hat and signature glove, but we have your female accomplice covered as well! If you have a significant other you’d like to take on your killing sprees she can dress up in the Ms. Krueger Costume and become a sexy womens version of the slayer!

Attack your rampant victims within your dreams, when you escape yourself and transform into Freddy Krueger! Whether you’ve ever hoped of becoming a dream stalker who uses a glove consisting of razor blades to hurt your prey, or you simply grew up as a fan of the movie, your costume will not go unnoticed! This Halloween, browse through our Freddy Costumes for kids right here at Costume Kingdom and make evil look delectable!


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