Product Reviews For: Cobra Kai Skeleton Costume - The Karate Kid

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Reviewer: Atomic Flamethrowing Vagina (this user has purchased this item)
October 31, 2011
Quality: 1
Cool Factor: 1
Costume Purchasing Experience: 1
Your Age: 36-45
Overall, I was extremely disappointed with the whole costume. First off, unlike what the product description says, one size doesn't fit all. I had a real bitch of a time getting into the stinking thing! Then, after finally getting into it, the chest area of the costume didn't expand enough, leaving a big exposed gap. I had to use a ton of safety pins to close that up. Also, just how long did you have that costume in storage before you finally shipped it to me? I mean that the costume was totally wrinkled and many of the skeleton decals completely stuck to each other! In the process of getting the decals pulled apart, many of them got damaged! This whole purchase was a total rip off! Shame on your company!

Reviewer: VBmike (this user has purchased this item)
November 4, 2010
Quality: 4
Cool Factor: 10
Costume Purchasing Experience: 1
Your Age: 26-35
This Suit is much smaller then advertised. I am not a huge person and my measurements were in the range listed and I had to have it altered and it still would not connect in the back. There is another suit out there that is much better quality and looks closer to the actual movie suits.