Black Bear Complete Costume

Black Bear Complete Costume

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The Black Bear Complete Costume shows that bears are not only great at being rugs and great picnic thieves, they can also be pretty great costumes. Whether theyÕre running down Goldilocks (the worldÕs most tolerated and respected home invasion expert in history) or trying to kill Adam Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins in the forest, bears know whatÕs up. They know what side of the bread is honeyed on. TheyÕre the biggest and baddest animals in the entire North American continent and if it wasnÕt for a few other heavy hitters like the elephant or the tiger, theyÕd be on top of the heap when it comes to the most badass animal in all the world.

The Black Bear Costume is a full jumpsuit made out of faux fur that zips up the back. The bearÕs head is stuffed with foam (because the last thing you need is a floppy bear head to top your costume off) and includes hidden hand openings in the palms and separate claws cover the feet.

Available in Sizes:
Standard - One Size
Item Includes:
Bear Costume Body, One Pair of Bear Feet, Bear Head
Fur [50% Acrylic/50% Modacrylic] and Latex [HA-HV non-vulcanized latex]
Care Instructions:
Do not Machine wash; do not dry clean.  Spot clean by hand only using damp rag and mild soap (dish soap). Air dry only.


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Q & A

Why is the 'waist' measurement, bigger than the 'chest', isn't it usually the other way around?
Yes, usually, the 'waist' measurement is smaller than the 'chest', however this 'Bear' is made so one can place extra padding, inside, around the waist, such as a pillow.
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