Spartan Sword With Sheath

Spartan Sword With Sheath

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Spartans are as much a collection of weaponry as they are a culture. Actually. . . I take that back, I donÕt know if thatÕs true or not. You could probably fit everything I know about the Spartans in a shoe box. What I do knowÑand IÕm sure youÕre with me on thisÑis that the Spartan warrior was nothing to mess around with. WeÕve all seen what happens when they are messed around with. ThatÕs why if youÕre going as one of the terrifying hoplites of old, youÕll want to pick up the Spartan Sword With Sheath.The Spartan Sword with Sheath is what every warrior defending Greece against the hordes of Persia or wherever else needs. A Spartan without a sword is like a bird without a feather.
Item Includes:
Weapon Only
Item Dimensions:
24" Long
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean
Sheath - Pvc, Sword - Pvc


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