Tangled Rapunzel Wig

Tangled Rapunzel Wig

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair. DonÕt get tangled up in blue this Halloween, instead dress up as one of DisneyÕs newest princesses, Rapunzel, with the Tangled Rapunzel Wig. One canÕt simply dress up as Rapunzel, she needs her signature hair. ItÕs as bound to her ÒlookÓ as much as being blue is bound to the Genie in Aladdin or the toothbrush mustache is bound to Charlie Chaplain).

ThereÕs no getting around these kinds of things. Besides without her hair Rapunzel is just some girl stuck in a tower. WhereÕs the story there? WhereÕs the drama? Well, avoid all of these pitfall by picking up the Tangled Rapunzel Wig, which will perfectly top off that princess costume of yours this Halloween. The Tangled Rapunzel Wig is not only stylish and silly in all the right ways, but itÕs entirely necessary to complete a costume of DisneyÕs latest animated princess.

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Tangled Rapunzel Wig

For Kids, this item is a ONE SIZE FITS MOST wig.
Please note: Sizing varies from costume to costume. Our costume measurements are in inches and based
on U.S. sizing. Please review the size chart on each costume before purchasing.
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