Green Lantern Inflatable Fist

Green Lantern Inflatable Fist

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Whether itÕs a gun or a sword in this case, a fist, the Green Lantern and his powered ring find a way to defeat evil. Evil rarely, if ever, punches itself in the face, thatÕs why you need to demonstrate your might with the Green Lantern Inflatable Fist. Combating the forces of the Yellow Lantern Corps or the Red Lantern Corps or the Manhunters or whatever doesnÕt always need to be complicated. Sometimes it can be as simple as a punch to the dome piece with the Green Lantern Inflatable Fist.

The Green Lantern Inflatable Fist is a simple solution to an age-old problem: How does one combat evil? Well, one way is with a powerful, energy-based punch to the noggin.

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