Costume Zombie Makeup Kit

Costume Zombie Makeup Kit

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One canÕt be a zombie without that greenish-grey pallor. ThatÕs what makes them who they are. That and eating brains, but nobody wants you to go around taking bites out of peopleÕs heads, so why donÕt you settle for a death-like visage? Of course that isnÕt even settling, not really. ThatÕs where the Costume Zombie Makeup Kit comes in. ItÕll turn your costume from garish to ghoulish, from friendly to fiendish. Zombies are awesome looking and the Costume Zombie Makeup Kit will just ensure that you look even more awesome.

The Costume Zombie Makeup Kit is a must-have item for anyone planning to go as a shuffling, shambling member of the undead.

Item Includes:
0.25 fl. oz. makeup tube, Makeup Tray, 3 Blood Capsuels, 3 Makeup Crayons, 2 Blending Sponges, 2 Applicators


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