KISS The Demon Shoe Covers

KISS The Demon Shoe Covers

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YouÕre knee deep in rock nÕ roll, you need the right footwear. Or maybe some kind of rock nÕ roll waders, if such a thing exists. It probably doesnÕt, though, and thatÕs why you need the KISS The Demon Shoe Covers. Rock doesnÕt just happen, itÕs an attitude and an image youÕve got to cultivate. Without that, what is a rock star? Nobody. A nothing.

KISS never had to worry about that. They played loud and hard and wore more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker (RIP) and thatÕs why theyÕre the single greatest rock act of the late 1970Õs. The KISS The Demon Shoe Covers will help you take a step towards their reflected glory. The KISS The Demon Shoe Covers are for fans of KISS and finer footwear everywhere.

Item Includes:
Two boot covers
Pictured items not included:
Demon pants


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