Batman Adult Joker Kit

Batman Adult Joker Kit

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I know that property values are through the roof in Gotham City, but I donÕt know that moving next to Arkham Asylum could ever be considered a good choice. What with Killer Crock, the Penguin, Bain, and all the rest of them running aroundÑoh, and let us not forget the king of crime, GothamÕs own madman, the Joker. As you can see, the Batman Adult Joker Kit is fresh out of Arkham Asylum and looking to cause some mischief.

The Batman Adult Joker Kit comes with a green fright wig, a mask, and, naturally, a flower that squirts acid. . . or just water. Hopefully just water, because, seriously, itÕs cool when the Joker does it because he isnÕt real. ThatÕs a real quick way to ruin anyoneÕs long Halloween. The Batman Adult Joker Kit is fresh out of Arkham Asylum and looking to cause some mayhem. ItÕs going to be one long Halloween with this DC villain around.

Item Includes:
Wig, mask, and water squirting flower.
Pictured items not included:
Joker costume


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