Star Wars Sith Lord Lightsaber

Star Wars Sith Lord Lightsaber

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Oh awesome is this thing? ItÕs the Star Wars Sith Lord Lightsaber. If youÕre like me and youÕve spent an unhealthy amount of your life pining after a sci-fi laser sword, then weÕve got the item for you: The Star Wars Sith Lord Lightsaber. Darth Maul, being one of the better things about the prequel trilogy and that particular Sith lordÕs lightsaber is one of the cooler Star Wars accessories since people started wondering if that point at the end of Boba FettÕs jetpack was a missile or not.

The Star Wars Sith Lord Lightsaber is a pitch perfect simulacrum of Darth MaulÕs famous lightsaber.

Item Includes:
Light Saber


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