Cop Pig Nose Glasses

Cop Pig Nose Glasses

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While there's plenty of cops out there ranging from good to great, for every one of those people, there seems to be about ten that are really into shutting down lemonade stands, giving out jaywalking tickets, or generally just pulling that flashlight-to-the-face chicken feed nonsense. To that species of cop, the Porcus Pigucus, we present the Cop Pig Nose Glasses. There's a great line from an NWA song that I can't repeat, but suffice to say, if you agree with that sentiment of theirs, you'll agree that the Cop Pig Nose Glasses are a great idea for Halloween. Whether worn on their own (it's a pretty self-explanatory accessory) or paired with a cop costume, these glasses will deliver. It's also a great place to start if you want to work on a costume of the pig-cops from Duke Nukem (remember that game?).Decide whether the sound of the police should be "whoop whoop or "oink oink this Halloween with the Cop Pig Nose Glasses.
Available in Sizes:
One Adult Size only
Item Includes:
Glasses, Nose and Cork Screw Tail only
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only


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