CyberSteam Orange Goggles

CyberSteam Orange Goggles

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When the sparks (or acid or dragon fire or whatever) are flying, you're going to be begging for the CyberSteam Orange Goggles. Perfect for any kind of weather, dimension, time rift, or barometric pressure, these goggles are a must have for any aspiring adventurer/scientist/pilot/mustache wax enthusiast. Plus, it goes great with a Homburg. If the breakneck speed of city life in Neo-London and Old New York are getting you down, then just sit back and take a break with the CyberSteam Orange Goggles Ð At the very least it'll keep the glare of all of that burnished brass from frying your tender eyes. These premium goggles are the perfect accessory for any would-be gentleman adventurer, tea-swilling sky-pirate, or your average, work-a-day steampunk. By Gad, man! Look at this quality set of eyewear, what! You'd be the barmiest steampunk on Terra not to adorn your face with the CyberSteam Orange Goggles!
Available in Sizes:
One Size only
Item Includes:
One pair of Goggles only
Rubber Padding, Acrylic ad Elastic
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only


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