Hot Pink Katy Perry Short Wig

Hot Pink Katy Perry Short Wig

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Whether you spell girl with a "UÒ or not or whether or not you wear whipped cream cans as a bikini, you can still probably appreciate the Hot Pink Short Katy Perry Wig. In fact, you don't even have to know who Katy Perry is to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing a neon purple bob is, especially come Halloween night.Straight from your wildest dreams, it's the Hot Pink Short Katy Perry Wig. Blue is a good look, especially when it's in a wig like this. You can be anything you want to be, a pop star, an adventurer in some sort of a candy world, some kind of futuristic geisha. I don't know. The world is your oyster. Enjoy.

If you like pop music, having fun, and whatever else Ms. Perry gets up to then pick up the Hot Pink Short Katy Perry Wig for this Halloween season.

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Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry


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Hot Pink Katy Perry Short Wig

For Adults & Teens, this item is a ONE SIZE FITS MOST wig.
Please note: Sizing varies from costume to costume. Our costume measurements are in inches and based
on U.S. sizing. Please review the size chart on each costume before purchasing.
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