Ravnos Demon Mask

Ravnos Demon Mask

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This nefarious Nosferatu is the Ravnos Demon Mask. Being borne from the deepest pits of Hell and forced through the darkest regions of the Underdark has clearly left its mark on this monstrosity. HeÕs also apparently left his mark on other people. By biting them. Severely. In the neck. To death. Yeah. ItÕs what demonic beasts do! You canÕt blame them for that. And they do look pretty good. I mean, hey look at this thing.

As most exorcists say, ÒKeep your friends close and your holy water closerÓ and no mask proves that. Join the masquerade this Halloween with Ravnos Demon Mask. Wear it and go raise some Cain!

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Ravnos Demon Mask

For Adults & Teens, this item is a ONE SIZE FITS MOST mask.
Please note: Sizing varies from costume to costume. Our costume measurements are in inches and based
on U.S. sizing. Please review the size chart on each costume before purchasing.
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