Polly The Clown Demon Mask

Polly The Clown Demon Mask

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All clowns are horror shows. LetÕs just all accept that. TheyÕre monsters. Nobody thinks theyÕre funny and everybody wants to cry blood out of fear. Even girl clowns are terrible. Maybe especially. Probably especially, actually. Just look at the Polly the Clown Demon Mask and tell me IÕm wrong.

You canÕt tell me that because youÕre paralyzed with fear. Clowns are as frightening as it gets. TheyÕre more frightening than a flaming skull controlling a chariot mounted by bears. RABID bears. No matter what shows up on Halloween night, so long as youÕre wearing the Polly the Clown Demon Mask, rest assured: You will make everyone want to die of fright.

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Polly The Clown Demon Mask

For Adults & Teens, this item is a ONE SIZE FITS MOST mask.
Please note: Sizing varies from costume to costume. Our costume measurements are in inches and based
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