Explorer Goggles

Explorer Goggles

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The Explorer Goggles are just what every adventurer needs! From Peachey Carnahan to Victor Sullivan to explorers the world over, they all require the proper gear for the proper job and thatÕs what this accessory is! What if you stare at something really bright? Or acid gets shot of something onto your face? Better protect your eyes to the elements. After all, the eyes you save might be your own.

When youÕre tramping through the heights of the Hindu Kush or battling with the yeti guardians of lost Shambala youÕll be grateful for bringing the Explorer Goggles with you! Just donÕt waste them on a filibuster expedition or something. People hate those.

Available in Sizes:
One Size Only
Item Includes:
PC Frame With Paint
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean, Air Dry


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