Spartan Spear - Costume Accessory

Spartan Spear - Costume Accessory

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Are you one of the 300? Do you plan on coming home with your shield, or on it? Then you've got to pick up the right weaponry for the job! Take on our awesome Spartan Spear and get ready to fight the forces of Persia in just the right style!

The Spartan warrior was nothing to mess around with. We've all seen what happens when they are messed around with. If you're going as one of the terrifying hoplites of old, you'll want to pick up the Spartan Spear and get ready to charge up to the front lines!

Available in Sizes:
60" Breakdown Spear
Item Includes:
100% Polypropalene
Care Instructions:
Wipe down with rag/cloth.


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