Fake Stitches

Fake Stitches
Fake Stitches

Fake Stitches

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They say, "Call a doctor!" You say, "I'm all the doctor I need!" Improvised surgery's been one of your dream hobbies, and now, here's your chance to try it out on yourself! You always said you could handle it if a vampire cut you up, and now you've got some kite string and a sewing needle. Sure, it may be infected a little, but is the blood flow stopped? Then you did your job!

This Fake Stitches kit will lend weight when you tell your friends that you learned more than you needed to from your Army Medic brother! Pretty soon they'll be asking you to tend to their wounds! Order the Fake Stitches kit today!

Item Includes:
Appliance, Blood and Spirit Gum