The Warriors Costume - Rogue

The Warriors Costume - Rogue
The Warriors Costume - Rogue

The Warriors Costume - Rogue

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Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. The Karate Kid mentality is to fear nothing! Karate Kids look tough, act hard, and fight accordingly. You won't have a stranger pass you by without bowing down to you, for their own safety, of course. The best part is you don't even have to take a single karate class, to wear the Rogue Warriors Costume like the other Karate Kids. This Halloween, relish in the art of Karate, and let the skills innately come to you.

The Rogue Warriors Costume features a faux leather vest with embroidered rogues logo, sheriff badge, and headband. This look is enough to make you the karate kid of all karate kids. The Rogue Warriors Costume should be worn as a shield of honor. Don't let your strength, and stacks of pride, collide with another Warrior!

Available in Sizes:
Standard and XL
Item Includes:
Vest, Badge, and Headband
Pictured items not included:
Jeans, Shirt, Wig, Shoes
100% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm Gentle