Womens Mermaid Wig - Black

Womens Mermaid Wig - Black
Womens Mermaid Wig - Black

Womens Mermaid Wig - Black

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More beautiful than Botticelli's Birth of Venus! More delicate than the silken strands of a spider's web! With that aquatic glow surrounding your body, you are a breathtaking vision in fins! For your Mermaid Halloween costume, there is no better accessory than the Black Womens Mermaid Wig!

Our Black Womens Mermaid Wig comes with long ebony hair in a soft side part. The hair is swept away from the face and cradles the head in rivulets of black curls! The hair falls in waves down the body in a sideways descent that conjures the spirit of washing waves sliding over the shoulder and down the back! You will be the vision of grace and beauty you always knew you could be if you order this amazing addition today!

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Dress and Necklace
100% Synthetic Fiber
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Please see Wig Care Instruction Sheet